The Real Hard Sell

Published: 1961
Language: English
Wordcount: 6,451 / 26 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 81.6
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Naturally human work was more creative, more inspiring, more important than robot drudgery. Naturally it was the most important task in all the world or was it?

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on it." If it matters a damn, he added. But silently.

They entertained three couples at their house-warming party. It was a delightful party, a credit to Ben, Betty and the finest built-in house robots the mind of Amalgamated could devise.

By ten o'clock they had dropped a dozen or more random hints, but never a sales pitch. Suspense was building nicely when Betty put down an empty glass and unobtrusively pushed the button to cue Nana. Perfect timing. They apologized to the guests, "We're ashamed to be so old-fashioned but we feel better if we look in on the boy when he wakes in the night. It keeps him from forgetting us."

Then they floated off upstairs together, ostensibly to see Nana and little Bennie.

Fred Stoddard: "Some place they have here, eh? Off-beat. A little too advanced for my taste, this single dwelling idea, but maybe--Ben sure must have landed something juicy with Amalgamated to afford this. What the devil is he pushing, anyway?"

Scoville Wilson (shrug): "Bea


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Sardo Weems

The story has a nice twist at the end, but getting there is a bit of a long haul. In this future world, everything menial (which comes to mean everything--art, writing, ) is done by machines, except salesmanship. Robots evidently can't get the hang of sales. The story concerns the best salesman of the company making a huge sale. And rebellion against the status quo, and what makes a good wife and mother.

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