History of the American Negro in the Great World War

His Splendid Record in the Battle Zones of Europe

Published: 1919
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Including a Resume of His Past Services to his Country in the Wars of the Revolution, of 1812, the War of Rebellion, the Indian Wars on the Frontier, the Spanish-American War, and the Late Imbroglio With Mexico

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* * * * *


The rose in bud respond to the wooing breath of the mornings of June?


The whistle of robin red breast clearer and more exultant, as its watchful gaze, bearing in its inscrutable depths the mystery of all the centuries; the Omniscience of DIVINITY, discovers a cherry tree bending to--

"The green grass"

from the weight of its blood red fruit?

* * * * *


The nightingale respond to its mate; caroling its amatory challenge from afar; across brake and dale and glen; beyond a

"Dim old forest" the earth bathed in the silver light of the harvest moon!

* * * * *


And for the same reason which the wisest of us cannot explain, that the rose, the robin and nightingale respond to the lure that invites, the zephyrs that caress, I find myself moved to say not only a word--a few, but many, of praise and commendation of this

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