Far from Home

Author: J.A. Taylor
Published: 1955
Language: English
Wordcount: 7,605 / 29 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 58.9
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 9,084
Added to site: 2007.11.08
mnybks.net#: 18946
Origin: gutenberg.org

"Far" is strictly a relative term. Half a world away from home is, sometimes, no distance at all!

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ddenly, it was filling the whole room--a monstrous furnace; it shouldn't do that he knew, but the old lady didn't seem to mind sitting there rocking amid the flames--and it was so nice and warm. The fire kept growing and swelling though--soon it burst through the window and engulfed him. Too hot. Too hot.

* * * * *

Johnny swam hazily back to consciousness with an aching head and thick mouth. He saw that he had drifted clear of his protective screen somehow and the sun beat full on him. With clumsy, fumbling hands that seemed to belong to somebody else he managed the air valve; the increased oxygen reviving him enough to find the pedals and jet erratically about till he gained the shadow once more.

Now he was entering upon the worst phase of the living nightmare. Awake, the doubts and fears of his position tormented him; wearied, he feared to sleep, yet continually he found himself nodding only to jerk awake with that suddenness that is like a physical blow. Each one of these awakenings to


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Average Rating of 4 from 2 reviews: ****
JoJo Biggins

Eh, a fair story, but not very satisfying or notable.

Paulo Respighi

An excellent short story predating the 2013 movie Gravity by half a century or so. A spacewalking pilot on his way to the space station has his ship blown out from under him and he is sent flying adrift with debris. He is presumed dead, and has to figure some way he can be rescued.

Good writing, reasonable science.

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