Sketches of Natural History of Ceylon

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s habits and gentleness Its skeleton

Ruminantia.--The Gaur Oxen Humped cattle Encounter of a cow and a leopard Draft oxen Their treatment A Tavalam Attempt to introduce the camel (note) Buffaloes Sporting buffaloes Peculiar structure of the foot





Elephants Recent discovery of a new species Geological speculations as to the island of Ceylon Ancient tradition Opinion of Professor Ansted Peculiarities in Ceylon mammalia The same in Ceylon birds and insects Temminck's discovery of a new species of elephant in Sumatra Points of distinction between it and the elephant of India Professor Schlegel's description

Cetacea Whales The Dugong Origin of the fable of the mermaid Credulity of the Portuguese Belief of the Dutch

Testimony of Valentyn

List of Ceylon mammalia



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Its Structure.

Vast numbers in Ceylon

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