The Tricks of the Town

or, Ways and Means of getting Money

Published: 1732
Language: English
Wordcount: 18,550 / 61 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 23.2
LoC Category: HV
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Genre: Instructional
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WhereinThe various Lures, Wiles, and Artifices,practised by the Designing and Crafty uponthe Weak and Unwary, are fully exposed.Recommended to the serious Perusal of all Adventurers and Sharers in Bubble-Undertakings, the Pursuers of Pennyworths, and Bargain-Buyers.Chiefly collected from some Papers of theIngenious Mr. John Thomson, scattered between Laurence-Pountney's-Hill and Dover.

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em>Soldier's Coat, with the Dog very carefully wrapp'd up in one of the Lappets, is knocking at the Door. A Reprieve to a Malefactor the Morning of Execution, or the News of a rich Father's Death to an extravagant Heir, cannot be more welcome than two or three Yelps of the absent Animal shall be to all the Servants: Happy is that Servant who has the good fortune first to carry the glad Tidings to my Lady. The Fellow tells a long Story of his being at his Post in St. James's Park, and of his seeing the Dog under a Woman's Arm; and how he suspected her coming honestly by it, and what Fatigues and Difficulties he met with in wresting the poor Creature from her: How the Mob took part against him, and the risque he run of being sent to the Savoy; with twenty other Falsehoods, all which are greedily swallowed: Every Face, with Tears of Joy, standing with great Faith and Patience to hear his impudent Narration of the great Dangers that the poor little Creature and


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The subject of this book is interesting, that's why I downloaded it, but this book is not worth your time. It is not wellwritten and it is very difficult to understand: it is written in the English of the mid-18th century -which makes it a bit more difficult than a more modern book- but the real problem is that a lot of the words used in this book are completely obsolete and incomprehensable.

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