The Man Who Meddled With Eternity

The Result of a Terrible Experiment

Published: 1901
Language: English
Wordcount: 4,290 / 12 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 79.8
LoC Category: PN
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Taken from "The Harmsworth Magazine," Volume VI, February 1901 July 1901.

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last the events of the foregoing hour came flooding back into his brain. The long wait as he lay upon the couch, his life ebbing away, his heart failing, the cold of death creeping up his limbs. Then the arrival of his former friend; his own soul's leap tiger-like upon him; the conflict as they seemed to fall grappling together through the outer darkness--he lived through it all once more as he stood gazing by turns upon his own shrunken body and at his new image in the glass.

And now one thought alone took definite and immediate shape. The old drab, lonesome life, the old helpless, hungering years of sorrow, were ended. At last the barrier between him and the woman he worshipped was swept away. He was free to go to her now as swiftly as his feet could take him. Her love was his: his strong arms would soon be round her, his kisses thick as rain upon her lips. She would be his for all time now, his only; and neither life nor death should ever part them more.

The pale face, looking out upon him f


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Average Rating of 2.5 from 2 reviews: ***
Lisa Carr

A British pulp story. After a bit of upper-class, all-in-good-fun, between-us-gentlemen racism, a rather predictable plot about thwarted love and soul transference unrolls. Whether the method is magic gas, or Egyptian Gods, or black magic, or astral projection, the same plot has been used over and over.
Completely unoriginal.

Henry L. Ratliff

(1901) Sci-fi (Body soul transfer) / Occult / Short story

From 'The Harmsworth Magazine' Vol. VI, FEBRUARY 1901 - JULY 1901.

R: ***

Plot bullets

  • Can a soul choose another body, to inhabit, at the time of death?

  • A special gas is used at the point of death to facilitate the transfer.

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