The Etiology, Hygenic and Dietetic Treatment

Author: John H. Tilden
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ime, it can be said that the individual has started on the road of ill health. How fast he will travel and just what will be the character of the disease he meets with will depend upon his constitution, inheritance, environment and education.



This cut represents the back view of the cecum, the appendix, a part of the ascending colon, and the lower part of the ileum, with the arterial supply to these parts.

"A, ileo-colic artery; B and F, posterior cecal artery; C, appendicular artery; E, appendicular artery for free end; H, artery for basal end of appendix; 1, ascending or right colon; 2, external sacculus of the cecum; 3, appendix; 6, ileum; D, arteries on the dorsal surface of the ileum."--Byron Robinson.

The reader will see how very much like a blind pouch the cecum is, 2. The ileum, 6, opens into the cecum, all of the bowel below the opening being cecum, the opening of the appendix, 3, is in the lower part of the ce


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Greg Homer

The touching story of a young lad who finds an abandoned and orphaned coatimundi and raises it on his own. Living, as he does, in a fancy high rise penthouse in downtown Manhattan with his widowed Father and an English butler, you can just imagine the high-jinx the boy and his mischievous little pet get into.

The title comes from the fact that the boy gets appendicitis and dies at the end. But the coatimundi is fine.

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