Raising P.V. Squabs for Profit

Published: 1920
Language: English
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A Manual of Instruction from My Personal Experience in Building, Stocking and Managing the Largest Successful Squab Plant in New JerseyTells how we market squabs for twelve dollars per dozen, wholesale.Details of necessary requirements for a successful business.How to house, feed, market and care for pigeons.Importance of good foundation stock.Profits and how secured.

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ll in summer, but not in winter; some ate too much for the number of squabs produced; some would breed one large squab and the other very thin; and some would breed nice twelve-pound squabs, but we could not get a proportionately high price for them to warrant the extra food required and extra time required for them to mature. After seven years of experimenting, we believe we have now the best utility bird in the country, namely the P. V. Special Homer. These birds breed squabs the marketable size: eight, nine and ten pounds to the dozen. Less than 15 per cent. ran under eight pounds to the dozen last year. They breed plump, broad-breasted squabs and do not eat more than the average homer. The squabs are ready for market in four weeks from the time hatched, and if kept for breeding, they commence mating in three months; being one of the quickest birds to mature.

A small start with good birds is the foundation of success. A fine flock can be built up from a few good pairs, but poor stock will soon disco

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