The Way We Live Now

Published: 1875
Language: English
Wordcount: 359,414 / 948 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 63
LoC Category: PR
Downloads: 12,760 7007

A scathing satire centered on the financial scandals of Victorian England, as well as the pervasive dishonesty of the age, in commercial, political, moral, and intellectual manners.

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rtain ladies said that they could distinguish in his tongue the slightest possible foreign accent. Nevertheless it was conceded to him that he knew England as only an Englishman can know it. During the last year or two he had 'come up' as the phrase goes, and had come up very thoroughly. He had been blackballed at three or four clubs, but had effected an entrance at two or three others, and had learned a manner of speaking of those which had rejected him calculated to leave on the minds of hearers a conviction that the societies in question were antiquated, imbecile, and moribund. He was never weary of implying that not to know Mr Alf, not to be on good terms with Mr Alf, not to understand that let Mr Alf have been born where he might and how ho might he was always to be recognized as a desirable acquaintance, was to be altogether out in the dark. And that which he so constantly asserted, or implied, men and women around him began at last to believe and Mr Alf became an acknowledged something in the different


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sukh chouhan

a true lovely book for all readers. The essence of his writing is still mindblowing. Loved it.


The Way We Live Now is a great book. Trollope masters storytelling with this novel. Highly recommend!


Although written over a hundred years ago, this social satire is as fresh as ever - when it comes to public morality and private ambition, nothing changes! Brilliant novel.

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