Old Man Curry

Race Track Stories

Published: 1915
Language: English
Wordcount: 62,875 / 182 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 82.9
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Good short stories of the various horses of Old Man Curry who finds in the proverbs of Solomon a warrant for a kindly philosophy as well as his shrewdness on the race track in "spiling the Egyptians," which he does to a finish. Holds interest both because of the well depicted action of the race track, and the astute quaintness of the principal character.

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his horse Silver Star was all he had and Cricket used to ride him himself. Rank quitter. I've seen Caley boot and kick and slash this bird until he wore himself out; he'd quit just the same. Wouldn't run a lick after he got into the stretch.

"Then one day Cricket slipped him over at a long price. Don't know how he did it. Hop, most likely. Got somebody to bet on Silver Star at 25 to 1 and took quite a little chunk of money out of the ring. That was Caley's last race; he'd been cheating the undertakers for years. Before he died he gave the horse to Old Man Curry. They'd been friends, but if a friend of mine gave me a horse like that and didn't throw in a dog collar, he couldn't run fast enough to get away from me. Curry put in an application to the Jockey Club and had the name changed from Silver Star to Elisha. Won't have anything but Bible names, the old nut!

"Curry hasn't won with him yet, and I'd hate to be hanging by the neck until he does, because if ever there was a no-account hound masque

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