Notes and Queries, Number 47, September 21, 1850

Author: Various Authors
Published: 1850
Language: English
Wordcount: 14,933 / 53 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 72
LoC Category: AP
Downloads: 454
Added to site: 2004.11.16 9528
Genre: Periodical

n I do it,'

--a trifling error of the press corrected in the folio 1632, although Theobald tells us that both the oldest editions read lest. Not catching the poet's meaning, he printed,--

'Most busy-less when I do it,'

and his supposed emendation has ever since been taken as the text; even Capell adopted it. I am happy in having Mr. Amyot's concurrence in this restoration."

Mr. Knight adopts Theobald's reading, and Mr. Dyce approves it in the following words:--

"When Theobald made the emendation, 'Most busy-_less_,' he observed that 'the corruption was so very little removed from the truth of the text, that he could not afford to think well of his own sagacity for having discovered it.' The correction is, indeed, so obvious that we may well wonder that it had escaped his predecessors; but we must wonder ten times more that one of his successors, in a blind reverence for the old copy, should re-vitiate the text, and

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