Canadian Postal Guide

Author: Various Authors
Published: 1863
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Containing TheChief Regulations Of The Post Office,The Rates Of Postage,Every Information In Regard To Money Orders,Compiled By John Dew,Post Office Inspector.

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te; the annual transportation of the mail was 2,225,000 miles; the estimated number of letters carried in a year 2,000,000; and the gross revenue $260,000.

On the 6th April, 1851, was effected the transfer of the post office in Canada from the control of the Imperial authorities, to the Colonial Government. Mr. Stayner retired from office, and the Hon. James Morris, the first Canadian Postmaster General, assumed charge of the department.

In 1851 postage, which had previously been charged according to the distance the letter was carried, which it was computed averaged 15 cents on each letter, was reduced to a uniform charge of 5 cents per 1/2 oz., the decrease being equivalent to 2/3 or 66-2/3 per cent. on the former rate. A very considerable reduction was also effected in the rate of postage on newspapers. The increase in the number of letters transmitted through the post, within a year after the reduction of the rate, was 75 per cent. Several improvements, including the introduction of postage

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