The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 9

Author: Various Authors
Published: 1905
Language: English
Wordcount: 157,244 / 463 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 62.1
LoC Categories: D, E
Downloads: 837
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Genre: History

A comprehensive and readable account of the world's history. Emphasizing the more important events. And presenting these as complete narratives in the master-words of the most eminent historians -- non-sectarian -- non-partisan -- non-sectional -- on the plan evolved from a consensus of opinions gathered from the most distinguished scholars of america and europe. Including brief introductions by specialists to connect and explain the celebrated narratives. Arranged chronologically. With thorough indices, bibliographies, chronologies, and courses of reading.

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came, but the silent Charles had already managed to enlist his interests by quieter ways; while Francis, by his ostentation and splendor, offended the bluff Englishman. So Henry kept out of the quarrel; but to Charles and Francis it became the main business of their lives. Their reigns thereafter are the story of one long strife between them, rising to such bitterness that at one time they passed the lie and challenged each other to personal combat, over which there was much bustling and bluster, but no result.

To get a full view of this Europe of young men, that beheld the Reformation, we must note one other ruler farther north. Ever since the union of Colmar in 1397, Sweden had been more or less bound to Denmark, the strongest of the northern kingdoms. By the year 1520 the Danish monarch Christian had reduced the Swedes to a state of most cruel vassalage and misery. Only one young noble, Gustavus Vasa, a lad of twenty-three, still held out, and by adventures wild as those of Robin Hood evaded his ene

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