Harper's Round Table, April 30, 1895

Author: Various Authors
Published: 1895
Language: English
Wordcount: 27,082 / 84 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 83.1
LoC Category: AP
Downloads: 490
Added to site: 2010.06.22
mnybks.net#: 28265
Origin: gutenberg.org

y could do nothing but obey, and entering a huge vehicle that floated upon the surface of the water in the aquarium--which had, singularly enough, taken on tremendous proportions--the merboy gave a whistle, and they were off. The carriage had the appearance of a superb shell lined with mother-of-pearl, and studded all over with the most costly and lustrous jewels, and soon passing out from the limits of the aquarium, Jimmieboy found himself bounding over a great body of water, drawn by a pair of gayly caparisoned dolphins, which the smiling merboy guided with two golden ribbons.

"How do you feel?" asked the merboy, as, after driving along for several minutes, the travellers passed out of sight of land.

"First rate," said Jimmieboy. "This is lots of fun."

"I'm glad you find it so," returned the merboy, with a smile of relief. "I was afraid you were not enjoying yourself very much. You looked a little anxious. Were you anxious?"

"Not exactly," replied Jimmieboy. "But it did sort of b

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