Old Hendrik's Tales

Published: 1904
Language: English
Wordcount: 44,180 / 117 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 89.7
LoC Categories: PR, GR, AC
Downloads: 438
Added to site: 2010.06.21
mnybks.net#: 28261
Origin: gutenberg.org

tep or two, tinkin' what nex'. Den he tink again, an' it wahnt a minute till he wink at hisse'f, an' he touch up darie ol' almanac under his arm to make it look like it's mighty important. Den he set his hat on mighty straight an' pull down his coat, an' in he go.

"`Vah vas yeh all dis time?' roar Ou' King Lion, makin' all de place tremble.

"`Please, sir,' ses Ou' Jackalse, terr'ble busy to look at, `my fool missis she len' de medicine book to darie ou' gossippin' Missis Duck, an' I had yust a terror of a yob to spoor her out where she was a quackin' an' a scan'alin' till I got it back. But I sent de medicine on by Ou' Wolf here an' tole him what to do till I come.'

"`Did you?' roars King Lion, fair a-lashin' his tail in such a wax; `an' here he's bin standin' like a clay man all dis time, yust a-holdin' leaves an' roots, an' a-sayin' nawtin', an' my claw gettin' moh and wohse pain every minute!'

"Ou' Wolf he look at de King an' he begin to shake a bit. Den he look at Ou' Jackalse

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