Monkey On His Back

Published: 1960
Language: English
Wordcount: 5,732 / 24 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 85.8
LoC Category: PZ
Downloads: 1,011
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Under the cloud of cast-off identitieslay the shape of another man--was it himself?

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ooks like first. They'll be disappointed."

Zarwell opened his eyes a slit to observe his surroundings.

It was a mistake. "He's out of it," the first speaker said, and Zarwell allowed his eyes to open fully.

The voice, he saw, belonged to the big man who had bruised him against the locker at the spaceport. Irrelevantly he wondered how he knew now that it had been a spaceport.

His captor's broad face jeered down at Zarwell. "Have a good sleep?" he asked with mock solicitude. Zarwell did not deign to acknowledge that he heard.

The big man turned. "You can tell the Chief he's awake," he said. Zarwell followed his gaze to where a younger man, with a blond lock of hair on his forehead, stood behind him. The youth nodded and went out, while the other pulled a chair up to the side of Zarwell's cot.

While their attention was away from him Zarwell had unobtrusively loosened his bonds as much as possible with arm leverage. As the big man drew his chair nearer, he made the hand f


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Sardo Weems

A pretty good mystery of a man undergoing drug-augmented psychoanalysis to uncover what (what he believes) his dreams mean. There are a couple of nice twists before the end.

The writing is clear and the characters well-drawn for a pulp story. Worth reading.

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