The Banner Boy Scouts on a Tour

The Mystery of Rattlesnake Mountain

Published: 1912
Language: English
Wordcount: 68,495 / 197 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 78.5
LoC Categories: PS, PZ
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Genre: Adventure

This story begins with a mystery that is most unusual. Then follows a long tour of Rattlesnake Mountain, taken by the boys of the Fox Patrol. There is a good deal of fun and adventure camping, fishing, and swimming, and the young heroes more than once prove their worth. Once they get lost on the road in the darkness, and find a curious cave. In the end the mystery is cleared away, and the lads show what it means to be prepared for any emergency.

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chosen to be known as the Red Fox, it pleased the others simply to call their patrols by the names of Gray and Black Fox.

In one corner of the room reposed a splendid banner of silk, upon which had been sewn a wonderfully life-like representation of a fox's head done in colors. Strangely enough, to some it seemed red, while others were just as fully of the opinion that it could be called gray or black, so cleverly had the silken threads been arranged.

This banner was the one offered by the old Quaker, Mr. Westervelt, in the preceding Autumn, to be given to the troop that excelled in various scout tactics and knowledge. The contest had been confined to the three troops along the Bushkill River; and while both Aldine and Manchester carried off some honors, the boys of Stanhope had counted as many as both combined.

When the banner was presented to the winners their totem had been ingeniously fashioned upon its shimmering folds. Every member of Stanhope troop felt a thrill of pardonable pride

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