Remarks on some fossil impressions in the sandstone rocks of Connecticut River

Published: 1854
Language: English
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hirteen inches to six. All these are tridactylous, and represent at least four different species. In most of them the distinction of articulation is quite clear. The articulations of each toe can readily be counted, and they are found to agree with the general statement made above as to number. The impressions are singularly varied as to depth; some of them, perfectly distinct, are superficial, like those made by the fingers laid lightly on a mass of dough, while others are of sufficient depth nearly to bury the toes; some of the tracks cross each other, and, being of different sizes, belong to animals of different ages or different species. There is one curious instance of the tracks of a large and heavy bird, in which, from the softness of the mud, the bird slipped in a lateral direction, and then gained a firm footing; the mark of the first step, though deep, is ill-defined and uncertain; the space intervening between the tracks is superficially furrowed; in the settled step, which is the deepest, the toes

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