The Mystery of the Sycamore

Author: Carolyn Wells
Published: 1920
Language: English
Wordcount: 61,234 / 175 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 85.4
LoC Category: PS
Series: Fleming Stone
Downloads: 2,580
Added to site: 2009.09.20 25318

A cry of "Fire," a murder, and the voluntary confession of three people to the crime. Such is the crux of Miss Wells' latest and most gripping story of love and mystery. Again the "old reliable" Fleming Stone is called in to clear things up and will delight the reader by doing so in his usual unusual way.

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der the stigma."

"Lots of people don't know about the thing at all. He lives--well--he lives in Connecticut--and--oh, of course, there is a certain stigma."

"And your father will bring about his full pardon if he promises--"

"Let up, Keefe; I've said I can't tell you that part--you'll get your instructions in good time. And, look here, I don't mean for you to make love to the girl. In fact, I'm told she has a suitor. But you're just to give her a little song and dance about my suitability for the election, and then adroitly persuade her to use her powers of persuasion with her stubborn father. For he will be stubborn--I know it! And there's the mother of the girl... tackle Mrs. Wheeler. Make her see that my father was justified in the course he took--and besides, he was more or less accountable to others--and use as an argument that years have dulled the old feud and that bygones ought to be bygones and all that.

"Try to make her see that a full pardon now will be as much, and in a


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Henry L. Ratliff

Plot bullets

  • A husband who cannot go into the state of Mass.
  • Wife who must reside in Mass.
  • The unique answer to living conditions
  • Political intrigue
  • Murder
  • Bungling local police
  • Master detective to the rescue
  • Who did it, every one who could have done it, confesses.
  • Don't forget the Sycamore tree

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