What is Coming?

A Forecast of Things after the War

Author: H.G. Wells
Published: 1916
Language: English
Wordcount: 63,127 / 191 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 34.7
LoC Category: U
Downloads: 1,814
Added to site: 2006.08.02
mnybks.net#: 14548
Genre: War

h there is no means of settling boundary disputes. Moreover, as between the united States of the world and the United States of America there is this further complication of the world position: that almost all the great States of Europe are in possession, firstly, of highly developed territories of alien language and race, such as Egypt; and, secondly, of barbaric and less-developed territories, such as Nigeria or Madagascar. There will be nothing stable about a world settlement that does not destroy in these "possessions" the national preference of the countries that own them and that does not prepare for the immediate or eventual accession of these subject peoples to State rank. Most certainly, however, thousands of intelligent people in those great European countries who believe themselves ardent for a world peace will be staggered at any proposal to place any part of "our Empire" under a world administration on the footing of a United States territory. Until they cease to be staggered by anything of the s

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