The Romance of Morien

Language: English
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Genre: Romance

ng Arthur to the knight as he lay, and said: "God give ye good-day, dear Sir Knight; tell me who hath wounded ye so sorely, and how came ye by your hurt? Did the knight who wrought such harm depart from ye unscathed?"

Then spake the knight to the king, who stood before him: "That will I tell ye, for I am sworn and pledged thereto. 'Tis seven years past that I lost all my goods, and poverty pressed me so sorely that I knew not what I might do. Thus would I keep myself by robbery. My tithes had I sold, I had spent all my goods, and pledged all my heritage, so that of all that my father left when he departed from this world there remained to me nothing. Naught, not a straw, had I left. Yet had I given much in largesse, for I had frequented many a tourney and Table Round where I had scattered my goods; whosoever craved aught of me, whether for want or for reward, were he page, were he messenger, never did he depart empty-handed. Never did I fail any who besought aid of me. Thus I spent all my goods. Then must


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Paulo Respighi

A translation of an old Dutch manuscript of the Arthurian Legend. It is actually quite readable, much less encumbered with courtly love circumlocutions than, say, Von Eschenbach's Parzival or Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The story moves right along.

Morien is a black (as in Moorish) knight who travels to the lands of King Arthur to find his father, Sir Agloval (not one of Arthur's heavy hitters.) His father abandoned his mother after swearing to marry her. Along the way he rescues Sir Gawain, who rescues Sir Lancelot, and everyone involved rides to rescue King Arthur.

There is some nice clear description (as opposed to courtly bombast,) and the knights have characters, as well as the ability to cleave people to the teeth. It was a pleasant surprise.

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