The House of the Wolf

A Romance

Published: 1887
Language: English
Wordcount: 56,089 / 152 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 84.9
LoC Category: PN
Downloads: 1,186 7364
Genres: Romance, Adventure

This, one of the first of Mr. Weyman's famous novels, deals with France in the time of the Huguenot wars, and contains a brilliant picture of the massacre of St. Bartholomew.

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ed to the dullest ears. That he went then, was small mercy. He had done all the evil he could do at present. If his desire had been to leave fear behind him, he had certainly succeeded.

Kit crying softly went into the house; her innocent coquetry more than sufficiently punished already. And we three looked at one another with blank faces, It was clear that we had made a dangerous enemy, and an enemy at our own gates. As the Vidame had said, these were troublous times when things were done to men--ay, and to women and children--which we scarce dare to speak of now. "I wish the Vicomte were here," Croisette said uneasily after we had discussed several unpleasant contingencies.

"Or even Malines the steward," I suggested.

"He would not be much good," replied Croisette.

"And he is at St. Antonin, and will not be back this week. Father Pierre too is at Albi."

"You do not think," said Marie, "that he will attack us?"

"Certainly not!" Croisette retorted with contempt. "Even t

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