Annals and Reminiscences of Jamaica Plain

Published: 1897
Language: English
Wordcount: 10,919 / 39 pg
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Genres: Biography, History

ecame the church home of some of the most influential people on our town. Rev. E.F. Slafter was the first regularly settled rector, assuming his duties September 1846. The beautiful stone edifice erected upon land bequeathed by General William H. Sumner, son of Governor Increase Sumner, was ready for the enlarged church congregation in 1882.

General Sumner's old residence on the hill near the present church is beautiful in situation, and still very attractive.

Near the north corner of Pond Lane was built in 1732, a plain, comfortable house by Benjamin May, great grandson of Captain John May, one of the earliest settlers of our village. Captain John Parker married the daughter of Benjamin May, and afterwards resided here for many years which accounts for its still holding the name of the "Old Parker house." Here were the high-decorated wooden mantels over large chimney-places, the paneled wainscoting and ornamental cornices, which adorned many of the better houses of that period. The grounds were ample,


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Greg Homer

Most of us today appreciate and take for granted the various types and gradations of marijuana (weed). But back in the late 1800s there were only a very few types: Acapulco Gold, Hawaiian Mad-dog, Cuban Dynamite, and Jamaican Plain.

Author Harriet Manning Whitcomb (great-great grandmother of NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning) was one of early proponents of Jamaica Plain.

With a seemingly effortless cloud of ethereal prose Ms. Whitcomb describes both the effect and the benefits of her favorite brand of what she called 'giggle tobacco'.

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