A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life.

Published: 1866
Language: English
Wordcount: 63,551 / 187 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 77.3
LoC Category: PS
Series: Our Young Folks
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fig-tree! I suppose it's awfully wicked, but I never could see. Is everything fig-leaves that isn't out and out fruit, and is it all to be cursed, and why should there be anything but leaves when 'the time of figs was not yet'?" After her first hesitation, she spoke quickly, impetuously, and without pause, as something that would come out.

"I suppose that has troubled you, as I dare say it has troubled a great many other people," said Cousin Delight. "It used to be a puzzle and a trouble to me. But now it seems to me one of the most beautiful things of all." She paused.

"I cannot see how," said Leslie emphatically. "It always seems to me so--somehow--unreasonable; and--angry."

She said this in a lower tone, as afraid of the uttered audacity of her own thought; and she walked off, as she spoke, towards the window once more, and stood with her back to Miss Goldthwaite, almost as if she wished to have done, again, with the topic. It was not easy for Leslie to speak


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Leah A. Zeldes

Durinq a trip to the mountains, 15-year-old Leslie Goldthwaite, rather introspective and religious to begin with, learns how to do "her Master's work" by being bright and helpful to others at the expense of worldly pleasures and popularity among her own class. Although it has some interesting characters, the novel is very slow-paced and preachy, with too much dull description. It improves some as it progresses, but not enough.

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