I've Married Marjorie

Romance of a War Bride

Published: 1920
Language: English
Wordcount: 50,096 / 146 pg
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The story of the experiences of a war bride married in all the whirl of excitement on the eve of her husband's departure.

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as not the Francis she had built up for herself from a month's meetings and a few memories.

He smiled at her flashingly again as they settled themselves at the little table in just the right spot and place they had chosen.

"Wondering whether I'll eat with my knife?" he demanded, quite at random as it happened, but altogether too close to Marjorie's feelings to be comfortable.

She colored up to her hair.

"No--no! I know you wouldn't do that!" she asseverated so earnestly that he went off into another gale of affectionate laughter.

And then he addressed himself to the joyous task of planning a luncheon that they would never of them either forget, he said. He took the waiter into their confidence to a certain degree, and from then on a circle of silent and admiring service inclosed them.

"But you needn't think we're going to linger over it, Marjorie," he informed her. "I want to get up to where you live, and be alone with you."

"Of course," said Marjorie


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Linda Otto

Actually, I liked it. I really don't think the Marjorie character was "empty-headed," I think she was simply immature. During the book she grows up.

I'll bet there's a lot more truth in the underlying theme of this story than one would guess. Think of marrying a soldier you have only known for a few short weeks, and then he leaves...for a long time! He comes back as a stranger--looks different, acts different. He's changed. You've changed. Yikes! Now what? That's what Marjorie and her stranger-husband have to work out. I agree with Maddie...I liked it a lot and recommend it. Enjoy!


Didn't care too much for this book, probably because I found the main character to be rather empty headed. I wouldn't have bothered to finish it, except that it was short.


Marjorie and Francis get married 2 hours before he goes off to war for a year and when he comes back they have to begin to know each other all over again. I liked this book a lot.

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