The Rose-Garden Husband

Published: 1914
Language: English
Wordcount: 35,934 / 110 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 70
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 1,253
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A message of good cheer, of happiness, of love, is carried to the reader in this delightful story of Phyllis and her lover Allan. Splendidly written, Miss Widdemer's sentences dance and sparkle with the very rose-garden sunbeams--a fascinating and wholesome plot--this is a book to read and pass along to your friend who needs a reawakening, a good laugh, a day full of glad thoughts and surprises.Made into the 1917 film A Wife on Trial.

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ven the most fidgety children were tense and open-mouthed.

"'And where art thou now?' cried the Stranger to Robin Hood. And Robin roared with laughter. 'Oh, in the flood, and floating down the stream with all the little fishes,' said he--" she was relating breathlessly.

"Tea-cher!" hissed Isaac Rabinowitz, snapping his fingers at her at this exciting point. "Teacher! There's a guy wants to speak to you!"

"Aw, shut-tup!" chorused his indignant little schoolmates. "Can't you see that Teacher's tellin' a story? Go chase yerself! Go do a tango roun' de block!"

Isaac, a small Polish Jew with tragic, dark eyes and one suspender, received these and several more such suggestions with all the calm impenetrability of his race.

"Here's de guy," was all he vouchsafed before he went back to the unsocial nook where, afternoon by faithful afternoon, he read away at a fat three-volume life of Alexander Hamilton.

The Liberry Teacher looked up without stopping her sto


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Average Rating of 3.7 from 3 reviews: ****

A fun and enjoyable romance novel. I liked it hence 3 stars :) If you like cheerful, whimsical romance, get this book now.


Good, somewhat predictable story of a marriage of convenience that evolves into something deeper. A quick, breezy read.


The story of Phyllis who is the cheery "Liberry teacher" and Allan, a sad invalid whom she marries after a rather curious proposal to escape her life of drudgery. What follows is a humorous and heartwarming tale of two lives.

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