The History of Company C, Seventh Regiment, O.V.I

Author: Theodore Wilder
Published: 1866
Language: English
Wordcount: 24,800 / 82 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 84.2
LoC Category: UD
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Genres: History, War

This sketch and record were written at the suggestion and by the request of the surviving members of the Company. It was their desire to have a brief story of their marches, battles and sieges, and, especially, an accurate record of each member, to preserve for reference in future years.

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position. These were problems which would easily be solved by experiment. But whatever solution they admitted, or answer was obtained, it was proved that the collar once fitted to the neck, was not easily removed; and with what rank one entered the service, with the same he was likely to emerge.

There were those who believed that, had they disbanded and gone to their homes, the prospect of a majority would have been good for commissions. However, many of them, and perhaps the greater part, were proud to belong to such an organization, and few seemed willing to yield the honor of being a member of Company C.

[Sidenote: Re-enlistment.]

The question of a three-years enlistment was a very serious one. A college course begun or nearly completed, good prospects of life beginning to open--these must be given up. Many doubted the wisdom of such a course of action, and returned to their homes or to the college, to do good or to complete their outfit for usefulness in a less belligerent occupation.

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