The Chauffeur and the Chaperon

Published: 1906
Language: English
Wordcount: 129,247 / 364 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 64.7
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 560
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A most delightful and engaging love-comedy, set in quaint and interesting Holland; Cupid, the little love-god, has a powerful accessory in the trim motor-boat which was left to Nell Van Buren and Phyllis Rivers by their rich uncle. These two young persons in the company of a young American, a young Dutchman of noble family, and a "chaperon," undertake a long cruise through the romantic waterways of the Nether lands, a voyage which is one round of incident and full of exciting surprises. The story is quite equal to the best the Williamsons have written, and it will be greeted with eagerness and anticipation by their large and growing audience.

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tor-boat sounds very grand to read about; and as I recovered from my first disappointment I began to feel as if I'd suddenly become proprietor of a whole circus full of champing steeds. I tried to persuade Phyllis that I should write better stories if I could travel a little in my own motor-boat, as it would broaden my mind; therefore it would pay in the end. Besides, I wasn't sure my health was not breaking down from overstrain; not only that, I felt it would be right to go; and, anyhow, I just would go--so there.

I argued till I was on the point of fainting or having a fit, and I've no doubt that it was my drawn face (what face wouldn't have been drawn?) to which Phil's soft heart and obstinate mind finally succumbed.

She said that, as I seemed determined to go through fire and water (I never heard of any hot springs in the canals of Holland), she supposed she would have to stick by me, for she was older than I and couldn't allow me to go alone under any consideration, especially with

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