Rosemary in Search of a Father

Published: 1906
Language: English
Wordcount: 20,429 / 63 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 84.2
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Rosemary Evelyn Clifford is a little girl whose mother, the young widow of an English nobleman, is living at Monte Carlo. She is told by her nurse that on Christmas eve the fairies gave to people what they most desire. Rosemary is particularly anxious to have what she has never really known, a father. How this "fairy father" of her dreams does actually come to her and her mother, and how they all three celebrate their beautiful green Christmas by making other happy, is worked out in the well-known style of these highly popular authors.

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d eaten a little, daintily in spite of her hunger, he encouraged her to talk.

"Mother and I are all alone in the world," she said. "We are Belgian, and live in Brussels, but we have drifted about a good deal, just amusing ourselves. Somehow we never happened to come here until a month ago. Then my mother said one day in Paris, 'Let us go to Monte Carlo. I dreamed last night that I won twenty thousand francs there.' My mother is rather superstitious. We came, and she did win, at first. She was delighted, and believed in her dream, so much that when she began to lose, she went up and up, doubling each time. They call the game she made, 'playing the martingale!'

"She lost all the money we had with us, and telegraphed home for more. Soon, she had sold out every one of our securities. Then she won, and went half mad with the joy and excitement, but the joy didn't last long. She lost all, again--literally, our all. We were penniless. There was nothing left to pay the hotel bill. I went out, and found


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A lovely story that will capture your heart.
A young man, love sick and lonely is reunited with the love of his life and her daughter Rosemary. And a conspiring young woman and her mother get their just desserts.

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