The Lightning Conductor

The Strange Adventure of a Motor-Car

Published: 1903
Language: English
Wordcount: 94,113 / 254 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 76.1
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 1,094
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Genres: Romance, Humor, Travel

The love story of a beautiful American and a gallant Englishman, who stoops to conquer. Two almost human automobiles, the one German, heavy and stubborn, and the other French, light and easy-going, play prominent parts. There is much humor. Picturesque scenes in Provence, Spain and Italy pass before the reader's eyes in rapid succession.

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ne, Aunt Mary and I together behind.

We meant to have got, off about eight, as we had to drive over fifty miles to Newhaven, where the car was to be shipped that night; but Rattray had a little difficulty in starting the car, and we were half an hour late, which was irritating, especially as a good many people were waiting to see us off. At last, however, we shot away in fine style, which checked Aunt Mary in the middle of her thirty-second sigh.

All went well for a couple of hours. We were out in the country--lovely undulating English country. The car, which Mr. Cecil-Lanstown had said was beyond all others as a hill-climber, was justifying its reputation, as I had confidently expected it would. The air was cold, but instead of making one shiver, our blood tingled with exhilaration as we flew along. You know what a chilly body Aunt Mary is? Even she didn't complain of the weather, and hardly needed her foot-warmer "This is life!" said I to myself. It seemed to me that I'd never known the height


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Diane Gaye

A delightful piece of fluff. If you are planning on a road trip, use Molly as your guide!!

Jane Bowe

This is a charming book. I just read the copy that belonged to my grandmother. It is quite a wonderful travelogue, and I am intending to use it as a guide for our next trip to France. In spite of the transparent romantice plot, the descriptive writing, and the commentary from a perspective over 100 years old is fascinating to read. It never ceases to amuse me how much things change they stay the same. The book was a very fast read, but still, there were passages that I read over many times because they were so beautifully written. Also, there are many laugh out loud scenes. I highly recommend this book to people interested in travel, history, beautiful cuisine, vocabulary, manners and past perspectives. And last but not least, motor cars.

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