Set in Silver

Published: 1909
Language: English
Wordcount: 122,785 / 342 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 73
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 579
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Madame de Blanchemain's, as she'd expected to do before she heard that the Dragon was coming to gobble her up. She wants to stay there quietly until Honoré can take her, and she wants me to pretend to be Ellaline Lethbridge!

I nearly fell off my chair at this point, but I hope you won't do anything like that--which is the reason why I've been working up to the revelation with such fiendish subtlety. Have you noticed it?

Ellaline has plotted the whole scheme out. I shouldn't have thought her capable of it; but she says it's desperation.

She's certain she can persuade Madame de Maluet to let her leave school, to go to the station and meet the Dragon (that's the course he himself suggests: too much trouble even to run out to Versailles and fetch her) with only me as chaperon. I dare say she's right about Madame, for all the teachers will be gone day after to-morrow, and Madame herself invariably collapses the moment school breaks up: she seems to break up with it, and to hav


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Linda Otto

I truly enjoy the books by the Williamsons as perfect escapist romantic fare. The characters are well drawn, the plots move right along, and there is always a marvelously happy ending. When you don't feel like suspense or any type of stress from what you are reading you can always rely on a Williamson book to take you away from life's cares.

The plots are very similar. There is usually some type of misunderstanding or mistaken identity situation that is the conflict to be overcome before the romance can go forward. The writing is light and fun and truly delightful. Enjoy.

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