Sour Grapes

A Book of Poems

Published: 1921
Language: English
Wordcount: 7,850 / 30 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 83.6
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 814
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Genre: Poetry

In this work some of his best early poems are included - such as Complaint and The Great Figure.

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lors. A good head, backed by the eye--awake! backed by the emotions--blind-- River and mountain, light and rain--or rain, rock, light, trees--divided: rain-light counter rocks-trees or trees counter rain-light-rocks or--

Myriads of counter processions crossing and recrossing, regaining the advantage, buying here, selling there --You are sold cheap everywhere in town!-- lingering, touching fingers, withdrawing gathering forces into blares, hummocks, peaks and rivers--river meeting rock --I wish that you were lying there dead and I sitting here beside you.-- It's the grey moon--over and over. It's the clay of these parts.


Vast and grey, the sky is a simulacrum to all but him whose days are vast and grey, and-- In the tall, dried grasses a goat stirs with nozzle searching the ground. --my head is in the air but who am I...? And amazed my heart leaps at the thought of love vast and grey yearning silently over me.


It is a willow when summe


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Sardo Weems

Williams' fourth book of poems, 1921. Short, but dense with imagery of nature, the city, and people. Some of the poems are brief, just slices of events. Worth reading.

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