Author: Therese Windser
Published: 1960
Language: English
Wordcount: 1,601 / 2 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 121.2
LoC Category: PZ
Audiobook: librivox.org
Downloads: 867
Added to site: 2008.03.28
mnybks.net#: 20430
Origin: gutenberg.org

A morality tale--1960 style.

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Legend had it, that many thousands of years ago, right after the Great Horror, the whole continent of the west had slowly sunk beneath the West Water, and that once every century it arose during a full moon. Still, Captain Hinrik clung to the hope that the legend would not be borne out by truth. Perhaps the west continent still existed; perhaps, dare he hope, with civilization. The crew of the Semilunis thought him quite mad. After all, hadn't the east and south continents been completely annihilated from the great sky fires; and wasn't it said that they had suffered but a fraction of what the west continent had endured?

The Semilunis anchored at the mouth of a great river. The months of fear and doubt were at end. Here, at last, was the west continent. A small party of scouts


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Sardo Weems

Explorers of the west continent find a tunnel with artifacts. Nothing earthshaking or mind-altering.


Longevity is a short read with a lot of build up to an ending that could have been better, even for 1960's style.

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