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(tr H.G. Dakyns)

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essing the men in terms of encouragement, warned them that a threefold service was expected of them; that they must be ready for a sea fight, a land fight, and a wall fight all at once, "for look you," said he, "we have no money, but the enemy has unlimited supplies from the king."

Now, on the previous day, as soon as they were come to moorings, he had collected all the sea-going craft of the island, big and little alike, under his own control, that no one might report the number of his squadron to the enemy, and he had further caused a proclamation to be made, that any one caught sailing across to the opposite coast would be punished with death. When the meeting was over, he got his ships ready for action, and stood out to sea towards Cyzicus in torrents of rain. Off Cyzicus the sky cleared, and the sun shone out and revealed to him the spectacle of Mindarus's vessels, sixty in number, exercising at some distance from the harbour, and, in fact, intercepted by himself. The Peloponnesians, perceiving at


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Luke Erik

Thucydides died before completing his History of the Peloponnesian War. This is Xenophon's continuation. I would recommend that you read Herodotus, Thucydides and then Hellenica. You get the grand sweep of Greek history from pre-history, via greatness, to the petty infighting narrated here. Rather poignant: they didn't, but we know that Alexander the Graet was about to sweep it all away.

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