A Knyght Ther Was

Author: Robert F. Young
Published: 1963
Language: English
Wordcount: 19,299 / 62 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 65
LoC Category: PS
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Downloads: 1,054
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But the Knyght was a little less than Perfect, and his horse did not have a metabolism, and his "castle" was much more mobile—timewise!—than it had any business being!

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ducting their so-called dedicated search, and the hunch had played an important role in the shaping of his strategy.

The highway turned this way and that, never pursuing a straight course unless such a logical procedure was unavoidable. Once, he thought he heard hoofbeats up ahead, but he met no one, and not long afterward he saw the pale pile of Carbonek looming above the trees to his left, and encephalo-guided Easy Money into the lane that led to the entrance. There was no moat, but the portcullis was an imposing one. Flanking it on either side was a huge stone lion, and framing it were flaming torches in regularly-spaced niches. Warders in hauberk and helmet looked down from the lofty wall, their halberds gleaming in the dancing torchlight. Mallory swallowed: the moment of truth had arrived.

He halted Easy Money and canted his white shield so that the red cross in its center would be visible from above. Then he marshalled his smattering of Old English. "I hight Sir Galahad of the Table Round,


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Paulo Respighi

An okay time travel story. A thief goes back in time to steal the Holy Grail, based on his understanding of the Arthurian legend. He fails a few times and keeps hopping back in time to try again, almost meeting himself once or twice.

The characters are filled out enough, and the plot is nicely complicated, but the ending is telegraphed very early in the story.

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