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Always nice to run into other Wild Card fans online! This is such a seriously underrated series of books. I know that it has gone through a couple of dips in quality over the years, but I've always found myself coming back for more. As much as I like Croyd, I would say that my favorite character in the books is Mark Meadows. He starts out as such an unassuming and peace loving hippie type character, but can turn into some of the most powerful superheroes in the Wild Cards universe by ingesting certain chemical mixtures. I can't remember if it is ever explained what it is that causes the transformation, but I found it really neat that some of the most epic superheroes in the books are actually just different personalities of the least likely person.
Well you haven't stated what movies you are talking about, so it is a bit hard to say, but in most cases the books are always better than the movies. Unless you have no imagination whatsoever, the most epic scenes described in books are always going to "look" better than what movies can come up with even with huge special effects budgets. I've actually been disappointed a few times when I watched movies, especially fantasy and science fiction based ones, where the battles or locations looked way more low budget than what I imagined while reading the books. Some movies, like The Lord of the Rings, comes close, but I dont' think they will ever be able to surpass our imaginations. At least not until Hollywood manages to find a way to make movies completely virtual reality and immersive. Seriously, though, books usually go into much more depth about small details than even the longest movies, so if you are a fan and want to learn more about your favorite characters, then I would say that you have nothing to lose by reading the books.
Hi, it doesn't look like it is able to sort the books on the site by newest releases, but I have found a couple of workarounds if you are interested. First up, if you go to the science fiction category on the site and look at the "Editor's Choice" section you will mostly see new releases there. I have also discovered that you can go to if you go to the "Science Fiction" category on the 'eBook Deals" page of "deals.manybooks.net" (https://deals.manybooks.net/genres/science-fiction) you'll find all of the latest, latest releases. Most of these are paid, but they tend to be brand new and heavily discounted. I've also managed to snap up a couple of great freebies from there, so I highly recommend checking it out. One thing to do if you havent' already done so is to subscribe to their newsletter and check the "Science Fiction" category if you want to stay up to date about the new releases. Hope this helps you out and may you "Live long and prosper!" :)
In my honest opinion, life is too short to re-read a book that you have already plowed through and disliked. That would be like dumping a boyfriend and then considering to hook up with him again five years later because you think you may have been wrong. As a reader, my time is valuable and I have been reading books long enough to trust my instincts. I get what people are saying here about maturing and learning to read books through new eyes, but at the rate at which books are being published there are just too many good ones hitting to shelves to waste time on the bad ones.