5 Contemporary Romance Novels

5 Contemporary Romance Novels

There is a common misconception that the only free ebooks that are available online are older titles that are in the public domain. While it is true that there are thousands of free public domain ebooks, there are also plenty of contemporary titles available. Some are only available for free during a limited time period as a promotion, but others can be read at any time. Here are just five contemporary novels in the romance genre that freely available and worth a read. Many of them are the first title in a series of books, which enables you to get a feel for the story and characters to see if it is worth investing in the rest.

1. Healing Her Heart Crystal Lake Series Book 1 by Laura Scott (2013)

Healing Her Heart is the first title in the Crystal Lake series of books by Laura Scott. The author is known for writing Christian romances, so this is a great book for readers interested in a good love story without things getting too steamy. The novel is short enough to get straight to the point, but still features plenty of romance and even some action. The leads are a doctor named Gabe and an ER nurse named Larissa who are both hesitant to become involved due to past relationships. However, the duo has even bigger problems to face when they encounter a victim of domestic abuse.

2. Taking Chances The Davis Twins Series by Ann Omasta (2014)

For readers who like their books red hot and steam there is Taking Chances, the first in the Davis Twins series of contemporary romance novels. It tells the story of 28-year old Abigail Brown, who has had a rough life and thinks that’s she’s never going to meet anyone suitable after divorcing her cheating husband. This all changes when she meets Seth after being dared to step out of her comfort zone. Her turns out to be everything that she has been looking for, but then she discovers that he has a twin brother named Sam, which is where things become really complicated.

3. Never A Choice by Dee Palmer (2015)

Fans of the Fifty Shades books will feel right at home with Never a Choice by Dee Palmer. This adult themed contemporary romance is definitely not for the faint of heart and features plenty of dominant and submissive role play. While it is the first in a trilogy of novels, it is also a self contained story that ends without any cliffhangers. It tells the story of a woman named Bethany who is attempting to juggle University, taking care of a mother with Alzheimer’s as well as a betrayal by another family member. Her life changes when she encounters Daniel, a rich alpha male, which results in romance as well as plenty of suspense.

4. Breaching His Defenses by Allyson Lindt

As a full-time database developer the author of Breaching His Defenses, Alysson Lindt, knows a thing or two about computers. It also means that this contemporary romance has a geekier side as both the leader characters, Mikki and Jared, are computer geniuses who specializes in security technology. While the two are attracted to each other they are also employed by companies that are in competition with each other. To make matters even more interesting, there are a couple of events from Mikki’s past that could impact her future with Jared if he ever finds out.

5. Second Chances by Bria Marche (2015)

Second Chances by Bria Marche is another great contemporary novel for readers who enjoys books that are part of a series, but don’t want any cliffhangers. Second Chances is the first book in the Southern Comfort series and stars Abby Melrose Bellavance, a woman who seemingly has it all. However, her blissful life is abruptly shattered when her husband not only disappears with her fortune, but also sells her house from under her. With no other choice, Abby is forced to live with her mother, but tragedy continues to rear its unwelcome head in her life. It’s not all doom and gloom as Abby also meets two handsome men, but with the way her luck has been going will she be able to fall in love again?

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