Best Books of The Month June 2020

Best Books of The Month June 2020

It's no exaggeration to say that 2020 has been a very trying year and various forms of entertainment suffered because of the restrictions in many countries. Since large social gatherings and live concerts were out there has been renewed interest in hobbies, such as videogames and books that can be enjoyed at home. Readers had plenty to choose from in June, so take a look at what ended up being the best books of the month.

Best Romance

Every Breath You Take

by Blair Babylon


Romance fans couldn't get enough of the passion and character development in Every Breath You Take by Blair Babylon. In this novel, a woman named Georgie Johnson is introduced to a man named Alexandre de Valentinois at a high society wedding and unexpectedly bonds with him over music. Georgie knows that Alexandre is despicably rich, but what she doesn't realize is that he also has a dark side to him.

Best Action & Adventure

Crisis Management

by Craig McDonough


Action and adventure fans found plenty of both in Crisis Management by Craig McDonough. The story follows members of Delta Force who are sent in to rescue American scientists during a pandemic. However, what should have been a straightforward, albeit dangerous, mission for Delta Force quickly turns into something else when they are joined by the CIA and other forces.

Best Mystery & Thriller

The Jeri Howard Anthology

by Janet Dawson


There's no shortage of mysteries and thrills in The Jeri Howard Anthology by Janet Dawson. It features nine books in the Jeri Howard series, which follows the adventures of the titular female private investigator. In these books, Jeri investigates everything from missing person cases to grisly murders. There's no rest for Jeri as even a well-deserved break from the PI life in the middle of the series sees her having to deal with a dead body on the beach.

Best Biography

A Girl Called Renee

By Ruth Uzrad


A Girl Called Renee by Ruth Uzrad is the incredible true story of a World War 2 Jewish Holocaust survivor. During her teens, her life is turned upside down by the Nazi regime. At just 13-years old she is forced to flee across Europe by train along with her two younger sisters. However, instead of finding safety in Belgium, they are forced to flee once again when the Nazis arrive. Ruth eventually joins the Jewish underground movement in France, under the name of Renee, where she makes it her mission to save as many Jews as possible despite the incredible danger.

Best Children's Book

World's Little Friends

by Orit Brown


The world is changing and World's Little Friends by Orit Brown was used by many of our readers in June to help their children comprehend what is happening and how to act properly. The book is filled with very important lessons about important topics such as the environment and sustainability as well as minimalism. The beautiful illustrations in this book will capture the attention of young ones, but it is the story that will stay with them.

Best Young Adult

Looking For Dei

by David A. Willson


Looking for Dei by David A. Wilson is a young adult novel that is filled with magic, adventure, and a quest for the divine. It is the story of Nara Dall, a fifteen-year-old who has never liked secrets despite finding herself at the center of many. One of these secrets is the strange powers she possesses, but which her adoptive father forbids her from revealing. Her life changes when she is invited to the town's announcement ceremony. Its purpose is to test youths for magical gifts, but her actions could be the difference between setting her people free or unlocking a curse that will doom them.

Best Fantasy

Magic of the Gargoyles

by Rebecca Chastain


Fantasy fans couldn't get enough of Magic of the Gargoyles by Rebecca Chastain. It is the first book in the Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles and features a mid-level earth elemental named Mika Stillwater. Her ambitions of becoming a quartz artisan are disrupted when a baby gargoyle bursts into her studio and entrusts her with a desperate mission. This places everything that Mika has worked so hard for in jeopardy and thrusts her into the gritty criminal underworld of Terra Haven.

Best Historical Fiction

The Jewish Spy

by Hayuta Katzenelson


The Jewish Spy by Hayuta Katzenelson is a historical fiction novel that is based on the true story of a Jewish Holocaust survivor. It is set in Poland of 1938 where a woman named Rivka sends her husband and three children to the United States for safety from the upcoming war. Her excuse for staying behind is to care for her aging parents, but the real reason is that Rivka's job as a librarian is just a cover and she's really a spy for the Jewish underground.

Best Horror

Hope's End

by Martin John


Horror fans enjoyed getting creeped out in June by Hope's End from Martin John. It tells the story of Noah Wild, a man recruited by a secret organization called The Switcher's Guild after a surprise encounter with a demon. They believe that Noah has a talent that he is not aware of, which is why they send him and a ragtag steam of Switchers to the town of Hope's End. It's a place filled with evil and Noah quickly discovers that the mission is much more dangerous than he ever anticipated.

Best Literary Fiction

Tree of Lives

by Elizabeth Garden


Tree of Lives by Elizabeth Garden is an epic story about a young artist named Ruth. It is a tale of her courage and perseverance as well as the exploration of a tragic family secret. Ruth has a promising future but has the deal with the consequences of coming from an abusive and bigoted family as well as her father's undiagnosed mental illness. Although very disturbing at times, the book is filled with endurance and hope.

Best Science Fiction

The Paradise Factory

by Jim Keen


Science Fiction fans escaped to New York of 2055 in The Paradise Factory by Jim Keen. It's a cyberpunk story starring Alice Yu, a former UN Marine turned cop. It's not an easy job, but in a world with 99% unemployment, the alternatives are not much better. However, Yu has to risk her job as well as her life when a ruthless crime boss abducts her partner. Yu is determined to rescue her mentor, but it would require a trip to the lawless and forbidden Fourth Ward Territory.

Best Paranormal

Wolf's Bane

by Aimee Easterling


Wolf's Bane, the first book in the Moon Marked series by Aimee Easterling, is the story of Mai Fairchild. As a fox shifter, she's the bane of the local werewolf pack and her sister's keeper but must pretend to be human at all cost. Her job allowed her to live under the radar and take care of her sister, but after losing it she is approached by a werewolf with an enticing offer. Werewolves are the sworn enemy of every fox shifter, but all she has to do is join him on a magical hunt.

Best Non-Fiction


by Charlie Hughes


A lot of people have been looking at creative ways to cut their grocery bills, so it's no surprise that Foraging by Charlie Hughes was such a hit with our readers. The book is a treasure trove of information for anyone interested in foraging their own food. It covers everything from identifying wild edible plants and fungi to storing your foraged food plus much more. Whether you want to rediscover how to connect with mother nature or you are simply interested in learning more about this lost art, Foraging has everything you need.