Book About Friendship Like The Interestings

Book About Friendship Like The Interestings

From the success of "Friends" in 1994 to "How I Met Your Mother" in 2005, and "The Big Bang Theory" in 2007, it's clear that people enjoy watching shows about groups of friends. Books that are themed around friendship has also enjoyed a lot of success in the literary world as with The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. It's the tale of a group of teens who become lifelong friends after meeting each other at an arts camp and how their friendship evolves over time. The book was published in 2013 and was quickly hailed as the best book of the year by several critics. If you enjoyed the novel and other stories about friendship, then check out the following books like The Interestings.

Girls In White Dresses

by Jennifer Close

Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close is the story of Isabella, Mary, and Lauren. These three friends find themselves going from one bridal shower to the next as it feels to them like everyone who they know is getting married. However, despite all the celebrations, these girls also have their own lives that they have to contend with. While everyone else appears to have plans, great jobs and appropriate boyfriends, the three girls find themselves struggling young adult life after graduating from college. The novel follows an interesting structure as each story follows a major life event that happens to the group and shows how the three friends are linked to each other.

Hey Ladies!

by Michelle Markowitz & Caroline Moss

Hey Ladies! By Michelle Markowitz & Caroline Moss

Hey Ladies! by Michelle Markowitz and Caroline Moss is a hilarious novel about a group of 20-and-30-something friends. The story follows these eight women over the course of a year as they deal with everything from holidays and summer house rentals to dates, breakouts and even the planning of a wedding. What makes the novel so unique is how it conveys the story. Instead of a traditional format everything is told through the use of emails, texts, direct messages and other forms of communications that friends would have in the real world. Not only is the story very funny, but the characters are also very relatable and the way in which everything is told makes for an easy read.

Circle in the Sand

by Lia Fairchild

Circle In the Sand by Lia Fairchild

Circle in the Sand by Lia Fairchild is the story of Jax, Sage, Emily and Ned. These four friends are all pursuing different paths in life, but have two decades of friendship that bonds them together. Jax is the one who loves living on the edge, but despite it looking like she has no ambition, she longs to be accepted. Sage is the career-driven one, while Emily is the college drop-out who is now dedicating her life to her three children. Then there is Ned, Emily's twin brother, who finds himself with new feelings for one of the girls in the group. The book introduces each character in the present time before highlighting the defining moments of their lives via flashbacks. It is a story of friendship, love and

Best Friends

by Martha Moody

Best Friends by Martha Moody

Best Friends by Martha Moody is another novel about friendship that endures through the years. It is the story of Clare Mann, a Midwestern Protestant girl who meets the rich and beautiful Sally Rose in college. Despite their differences the two become friends and Clare spends a lot of time at Sally's home in Lost Angeles. Their friendship continues for years and although Clare becomes a doctor and Sally a lawyer, the two always make time for each other. Even huge life events like marriages, divorces, births and deaths isn't enough to separate them. However, there are also a few secrets and twists that change the course of their story in unexpected directions.

With Friends Like These

by Sally Koslow

With Friends Like These by Sally Koslow

All friendships have their ups and downs as can be seen in With Friends Like These by Sally Koslow. It is the story of four women, Quincy, Talia, Chloe, and Jules, who meet and become close friends after answering a roommate ad for an apartment. However, despite this close bond their relationship is put to the test over the years as they have to deal with the challenges of love and motherhood. Unlike other books about friendship this one picks up years after the initial bond and deals with the choices that they have to make in life. It's a story about how life can often get in the way of even the greatest friendships, but that forgiveness can also reforge bonds that have seemingly been broken.

The Friends We Keep

by Holly Chamberlin

The Friends We Keep by Holly Chamberlin

Not all friendships are destined to last, but sometimes it is possible to reconnect with friends from the past. This is the theme of The Friends We Keep by Holly Chamberlin. It is the story of Sophie, Eva, and John, three friends who meet during freshman year in college. The trio think that their friendship will last forever, but life doesn't exactly go as planned and Sophie ends up getting married and moving to Los Angeles. Two decades later she finds herself divorced and adrift, which causes her to return to Boston in an effort to reconnect with the people who once defined her world. The trio ends up reconnecting thanks to Sophie, but their newfound bond is once again tested by old insecurities and new betrayals.

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