Books Like A Wrinkle In Time

Books Like A Wrinkle In Time

A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle was first published way back in 1962, but has remained a firm favorite with children and adults ever since. L'Engle managed to craft an imaginative science fantasy novel that has stood the test of time and continues to enthrall readers to this day. Unfortunately, it has also inspired two film adaptations, but neither of them could truly capture the essence of the book. If you fondly remember A Wrinkle In Time or only discovered it recently, then the chances are good that you are searching for similar books. While there are not many books that can hold a candle to this this classic, there are a few that come close. Check out these books like A Wrinkle In Time that share similar themes and styles.

A Darker Shade of Magic

by V.E. Schwab


Unlike the fifth-dimensional tesseract that allows time and space travel in A Wrinkle In Time, A Darker Shade of Magic features a protagonist who can use magic for dimensional travel. The difference is that Kell, the protagonist, can move between four different versions of London. Kell is one of the very few people who can travel between these dimensions and he is supposed to use his powers to convey messages between the rulers of the different Londons. However, he also uses his powers for his own gain by offering people glimpses of the other cities, which eventually gets him into trouble. Kell then has to team up with an unlikely ally, the cut-purse named Delilah Bard, and go an epic adventure. 

A Stitch In Time

by Amanda James


A Stitch in Time by Amanda James shares more than just a similar title to A Wrinkle In Time. It is a romantic story that involves time travel, which makes it ideal for older readers who enjoyed A Wrinkle In Time. It is about a history teacher named Sarah Yates, who finds has waited more than thirty years for something exciting to happen with her life. Just when she thinks that it is never going to happen, she meets a man named John Needler who changes everything. Not only is John able to travel back in time, but he does it in order to help people and asks Sarah to accompany him. This gives Sarah the opportunity to experience everything from the Old American West to the suffragette movement in London.

When You Reach Me

by Rebecca Stead


When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead is unique as it not only shares similar themes with A Wrinkle In Time, but it is also the favorite book of the protagonist, a sixth grade girl named Miranda. The author herself has also called A Wrinkle In Time one of her favorite books, so while it hasn't directly influenced When You Reach Me, it certainly plays a role in the story, which is really neat. The plot is also a real page turner, with Miranda receiving weird notes from someone who appears to be able to predict the future. This is especially worrying for Miranda because ignoring the notes might mean that she could have prevented someone from dying.

The Wizard of Oz

by L Frank Baum


The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum is even older than A Wrinkle In Time as it was originally published in 1900. Instead of traveling through time and space, the protagonist Dorothy is instead swept up by a cyclone and deposited in the magical land of Oz. Just as in A Wrinkle In Time, The Wizard of Oz has a strong female protagonist, witches and an a magical adventure. In addition, it has that same timeless quality that has made both books classics that are still read to this day by young and old.

Highway of Eternity

by Clifford D. Simak


Clifford Donald Simak won a Nebula Award as well as three Hugo Awards during his lifetime, so it is pretty safe to say that he knew how to write good science fiction. Highway of Eternity is a good example of this as it is a great book that also features themes that will appeal to fans of A Wrinkle In Time. It is also about a search through time and space to find a family, but Simak has thrown in killer robots as well monstrous beasts and a malevolent alien race in the mix as well. The aliens arrived with promises of granting humanity immortality, but it comes at a terrible cost, which not everyone is willing to pay.

Doomsday Book

by Connie Willis


Doomsday Book by Connie Willis is another story that involves a female protagonist who has to deal with the perils of time travel in order to save people. The book is set in a universe where time travel is possible, but only to times where the travelers will be unable to alter things to the extend that it influences the future. The protagonist is a young historian named Kivrin who returns to the year 1320, which is further back than anyone has ever travelled. However, after arriving in the 14th century, she quickly discovers that not everything has gone as planned. What follows is a tense tale follows Kivrin who is seemingly stuck in the past as well as her colleagues back in the future who have to deal with some serious issues of their own.

The Pictish Child

by Jane Yolen


The Pictish Child by Jane Yolen is part of the Tartan Magic book series, which features Jennifer and Peter, two American twins. The two of them have a grandmother who lives in Scotland and visiting her is always a treat as she just happens to be a witch. After meeting with their grandmothers coven of fellow witches, the twins receive an ancient talisman. It is with the aid of this relic that they encounter a Pictish girl from the 9th century who has escaped through time in an effort to get away from something evil. In order to help this girl return safely to her own time, the twins will have to team up with the witches and put a stop to the evil. The Pictish Child can be read as a standalone novel, but the other books in the series are also worth checking out.