Books Like Dangerous Waters

Books Like Dangerous Waters

From the fear of predators, such as sharks, to the fear of being trapped underwater, there are plenty of reasons why not everyone is cut out for scuba diving. However, thanks to books, it is easy to get caught up in the danger and excitement of scuba diving without even having to get your feet wet. Some of the best novels about scuba diving are written by authors who know this hobby inside out and were able to use their own experiences to enhance the realism of their stories. For readers who would like to dive into the thrilling world of scuba diving check out the following books like Dangerous Waters by Paul J. Mila.

Cayman Cowboys: Reefs Under Pressure

by Eric Douglas


Cayman Cowboys: Reefs Under Pressure by Eric Douglas

Cayman Cowboys: Reefs Under Pressure is the first novel in the Mike Scott thriller series by Eric Douglas. The author become a diver and then a dive instructor, so the diving terminology used in this book is very accurate. Mike Scott is a photojournalist who suspects something shady is happening on Grand Cayman. In addition to the gruesome death of a girl, there have been protests against new developments and the systematic destruction of coral reefs. However, things become personal when Mike's buddy, Kelly, is kidnapped. To add to the mystery, a sunken treasure ship in the area also plays an important role in the story.

Twelve Mile Bank

by Nicholas Harvey

Twelve Mile Bank by Nicholas Harvey

Twelve Mile Bank by Nicholas Harvey is book one in the AJ Bailey Adventure series. It sees divemaster AJ Bailey searching for a long-forgotten WWII U-boat at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. She's determined to find the submarine and the secret it protects despite having nothing more than her late grandfather's tale to go on. However, things become a lot more dangerous for her with a wealthy treasure hunter and his ruthless crew show up. AJ finds that there's more than just her grandfather's dream at stake as she dives into the path of merciless killers at treacherous depths. As a divemaster Nicholas Harvey draws on his own experiences underwater for his stories.

In Deep

by Sharon Ward

In Deep by Sharon Ward

In Deep is the first novel in the Fin Fleming Sea Adventure thrillers by Sharon Ward. On land, Fin Fleming has trouble making friends, trouble with family, trouble with her ex-husband, and trouble managing her career. However, underwater she is supremely competent and works as the chief underwater photographer for the Cayman Island oceanographic institute. However, things start to go wrong when Fin is assigned to film two divers who are freediving while practicing for a deep dive. One of the divers nearly dies and claims that an unknown diver was holding him below. At first, Fin believes it's just an oxygen-deprived hallucination, but then the accidents keep piling up and she becomes the main suspect. The author, Sharon Ward, is an avid scuba diver herself and a PADI-certified divemaster with hundreds of dives under her weight belt.

Deep Shadow

by Nick Sullivan

Deep Shadow by Nick Sullivan

Deep Shadow is the first novel in The Deep Series by Nick Sullivan. It is set in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean where scuba divers from all over the world travel to visit the tiny island of Bonaire. Boone Fischer is a divemaster who has spent three years in this divers paradise and thought that he has seen it all. However, his tranquil life is turned upside down during a routine afternoon dive when he spots something out of the ordinary. Nick Sullivan is an avid scuba diver himself and uses experience to infuse the story with plenty of realism.


by Tracy Grogan

Flotsam by Tracy Grogan

Flotsam is the first novel in the Divemaster Ricky Mystery series by Tracy Grogan. The reluctant protagonist, Ricky Yamamoto, is an expert diver who finds herself drawn into a police investigation when she discovers a spinning tangle of chains and bodies during her morning dive. She soon finds herself targetted by some criminals who believe that Ricky knows more about the crime than she really does. They are eager to eliminate any loose ends, which sees Ricky having to fend for herself if she wants to stay alive. Tracy Grogan received two of his advanced certifications after being trained and tested by women divemasters. He drew on his experiences talking to them and other women divers during his travels to dive destinations to create Ricky Yamamoto.

Out of Her Depth

by Brenda Hiatt

Out of Her Depth by Brenda Hiatt

Out of Her Depth by Brenda Hiatt sees an Indiana housewife named Wynne Seally trying to put her life back together after her husband abandons her for a younger woman. Wynne decides that "no fear" should be her new motto and she tries to embrace this by traveling to Aruba alone and learning to scuba dive. However, while diving Wynne makes a discovery that turns out to be a clue in a high-profile murder case. She ends up working with an insurance investigator to unravel clues to the mystery that could set an accused man free or get herself killed in the process. The author, Brenda Hiatt, is passionate about scuba diving and has over 60 dives to her credit.

Black Water: Lake of Secrets

by James Erwin

Black Water: Lake of Secrets by James Erwin

In Black Water: Lake of Secrets by James Erwin the protagonist, Ethan Grey, is a dark shell of his former self after the violent death of his wife. Working as a Public Safety Diver, Ethan is teamed with Dana Allen, who is new to the Jensen County Dive Unit after working as an officer with the LAPD. The pair are assigned to interview witnesses who claim that a monster is stalking the abandoned open-pit iron mine of Lake Clearwater. Ethan and Dana dive the lake to find out what is really going on, but what they discover shakes up the formerly peaceful Wisconsin community. The author, James Erwin, is a former Public Safety Diver who carries numerous diving certifications.