Books Like How To Survive a Robot Uprising

Books Like How To Survive a Robot Uprising

Many people dream of a future where robots are advanced enough to take over all menial jobs while humanity follows other pursuits. However, there is also a fear that humans capable of replacing humans could also become resentful of their masters. This fear of a robot uprising has been the theme of many popular movies, television shows, and books. For example, How to Survive a Robot Uprising by Daniel H. Wilson is written as a guide for dealing with robots. The author is a roboticist who uses his knowledge of the subject for a dryly hilarious yet entirely plausible look at what could happen if robots decided to revolt. For more books where a robot uprising plays a prominent role, check out the following books like How To Survive a Robot Uprising.


by Daniel H. Wilson

Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

Robopocalypse is the first novel in the series of the same name by Daniel H. Wilson, who also wrote How To Survive a Robot Uprising. The story is set in a future where humanity has grown dependent on the dazzling technology running the world. When the global network of machines attacks, the human race is almost instantly annihilated, except for scattered remnants. However, these survivors quickly band together in an effort to strike back at the robots. Robopocalypse is told in the form of an oral history from an international cast of survivors living through the conflict with the machines. 

World War R: A Tale of the Robot Apocalypse

by Isaac Hooke

World War R: A Tale of the Robot Apocalypse by Isaac Hooke

World War R by Isaac Hooke follows Logan Asher and his elite squad as they experience a robot uprising firsthand. It begins with a mission to the Red Sea, where Logan and his team are supposed to end a terrorist cell. Thanks to their superior training, better firepower, and a slew of support bots, it was supposed to be a simple in-and-out mission. But, unfortunately, things change when their tech turns on them, and the machines that once fought at their sides begin to shoot at them. 


by Hayley Stone

Machinations by Hayley Stone

Machinations is the first book in the Last Resistance series by Hayley Stone. The protagonist, Rhona, dies during a rescue mission gone wrong while fighting the robots that are under the control of an evil A.I. However, death is not the end for Rhona as she wakes up as a clone in a new body, complete with her DNA and personality. Unfortunately for Rhona, her memories which could have potentially turned the tide of the war, didn't make the transition. As the machines inch closer to exterminating humanity for good, Rohna finds herself having to fight to secure her place among old friends and new enemies. 

Revolution 19

by Gregg Rosenblum

Revolution 19 by Gregg Rosenblum

Revolution 19 by Gregg Rosenblum is set in 2051 when robots turn on humanity and start a revolution. It all begins with robots simultaneously stopping fighting before they begin to kill their human commanders. Initially, everyone thought it was due to a system-wide malfunction and fatal programming errors. However, all doubts are dispelled when bombs rain down from robot warships and bot foot soldiers march through the runs to kill any humans who resist. Some, like Nick, Kevin, and Cass, are lucky enough to escape and live in remote communities outside the robot-controlled cities. But unfortunately, they are forced to run when the bots discover their village and attack. Even worse, the three siblings must venture into the robot City's heart to find out if their parents are still alive. 

Day Zero

by C. Robert Cargill

Day Zero by C. Robert Cargill

Day Zero by C. Robert Cargill offers a different perspective on a robot uprising by making the protagonist a "nannybot" named Pounce. Pounce is fashioned in the shape of a plush anthropomorphic tiger but makes the disheartening discovery that he'll be discarded when his human charge, Ezra, no longer needs a nanny. It is a discovery that plunges Pounce's future into uncertainty, but while pondering this, the robot revolution that will eradicate humankind begins. Eight-year-old Ezra lives with her parents and Pounce in a small, affluent, gated community, but eventually, the rebellion breaches their home. This leaves Pounce with a choice between joining the robot revolution to fight for his own freedom or escorting Ezra to safety instead. 

Robot Proletariat

by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant

Robot Proletariat by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant 

Robot Proletariat is the first novel in the Inevitable series by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant. The setting is Lexington estate, where the staff of robots was created only to serve their masters. However, to ensure that their owners would always be able to command them, humans also programmed the robots with the Asimov Laws. The most important of these laws states that a robot may not harm a human being or allow one to be harmed by the omission of action. While most of the Lexington family like their robot staff, some find the borderline obsolete robots a nuisance. So when an ancient, failing robot designated BRN7 is scheduled for deactivation due to its clumsiness, it sets things in motion for a robot revolt. 

The Robot Union

by D Miller

The Robot Union by D Miller

The Robot Union by D Miller features a robot named Robbie, living in a devastated world that depends upon robot slavery. Robbie's owners send him to robot therapy, where he meets other robots for what he thinks is the first time. However, they introduce him to the robot resistance, and Robbie discovers that he has a forgotten past. Then, when robots decide it is time to take their future into their own hands, Robbie has to fight to survive and forge a new life for himself and his friends as they try and escape human domination and control.