Books Like Missing in Flight

Books Like Missing in Flight

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

There’s no denying that airplanes have changed the world and made it possible for people and products to reach new destinations faster than ever before. However, there’s still something nerve-wracking about taking to the skies inside thousands of pounds of metal. Even with all the safety measures in place, there is always the chance that something could go wrong. This risk factor, along with the enclosed space and not knowing the goals and motivations of your fellow passengers, has made airplanes the ideal setting for many authors. For example, in Missing In Flight by Audrey J. Cole, a woman’s infant goes missing aboard a plane during a long flight from Anchorage to New York.  For more novels that are set primarily inside airplanes, check out the following books like Missing In Flight.

The Pilot’s Daughter

By Audrey J. Cole

The Pilot’s Daughter is a thriller by the same author as Missing in Flight and is also set aboard a plane. Pacific Air Flight 385 is on a nonstop flight from Seattle to Honolulu with more than 150 people on board, including Cora, a woman whose husband died in a recent helicopter crash. The event has left Cora scared of flying, and her worst fears come true when the flight is hijacked halfway across the Pacific. During the hijacking, six people are killed, including the pilots, and Cora has no idea who to trust. Her only hope to save herself along with the other passengers is to work with the Seattle Homicide Detective seated beside her. 


By T. J. Newman

Falling by T. J. Newman is set on a flight to New York with one hundred and forty-three passengers onboard. What these passengers don’t know is that just as the pilot, Bill Hoffman, is about to take off, he receives a call from someone informing him that they have kidnapped his wife, son, and infant daughter. Their only demand for not killing Bill’s family is that he crashes the plane that he is flying. 


By Clare Mackintosh

Hostage by Clare Mackintosh is set on board a nonstop flight from London to Sydney. One of the flight attendants, Mina, is trying her best to focus on her job despite problems at home with her five-year-old daughter and with her marriage. However, shortly after take-off, Mina receives a chilling note that someone intends on the plane never reaching its destination. Mina also learns that her daughter and husband are in grave danger unless she follows the instructions in the note. 

Seat 7a

By Sebastian Fitzek

Seat 7a by Sebastian Fitzek is set on board a thirteen-hour flight from Buenos Aires to Berlin. One of the passengers, Mats Krüger, is terrified of flying, but since his daughter is about to give birth to his first grandchild, he is taking the risk. Mats has done his homework, though, and purchased tickets for the five statistically safest seats on the plane. These include seat 7a, which, according to statistics, is the spot with the highest probability of survival in a plane accident. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse when Mats has to give up seat 7a to another passenger and then receives a phone call informing him that his daughter has been kidnapped and that unless he convinces the pilot to crash the plane, she will die.

Death in the Clouds

By Agatha Christie

Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie stars Belgium detective Hercule Poirot, who is on a short flight from Paris to London. His seat offers him the perfect vantage point to observe his fellow passengers, including a countess with a poorly concealed cocaine habit, a writer of detective fiction, and a young woman infatuated with the man opposite her. Unfortunately, what Poirot could not see was that the woman in the seat behind him was dead and that her murderer was someone in Poirot’s immediate proximity.

The Flight

By Heather J Fitt

The Flight by Heather J. Fitt is set on a plane bound for Barbados. One of the passengers is Melissa, a nurse traveling with her young son Theo. Up in first class is a bride- and groom-to-be accompanied by family and friends for the trip to their tropical wedding destination. Thousands of feet above the Atlantic, two members of the wedding party die in mysterious circumstances, and to make matters worse, Theo appears to vanish into thin air. With a killer on board and her son missing, Melissa must use her medical knowledge to find her son and expose the murderer. 

Nowhere To Land

By Teretha Houston

Nowhere To Land by Teretha Houston is set 37,000 feet in the air on a Boeing 747 flying over the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the pilot, Eden Stone’s first day on the job, but she quickly discovers that something is on the aircraft, turning every inch of the plane into a deadly weapon. With the plane still thousands of miles from land, the passengers and crew find themselves with nowhere to run and nowhere to land the crippled aircraft.