Books Like Opening Atlantis

Books Like Opening Atlantis

Harry Turtledove has written numerous books across multiple genres, especially in the alternate history, historical fiction, and science fiction as well as fantasy categories. Opening Atlantis is actually one of his more realistic alternate history novels and deals with the discovery of an unknown continent, called Atlantis. Turtledove is not the only author who has drawn on the well-known myths and legends of Atlantis for his book. The fictional island has inspired numerous films, comic books, and novels, all with their own interpretations of the legends. This means that there are plenty of other books like Opening Atlantis for fans of the "lost continent" to enjoy.


by Plato


While it is not essential to the enjoyment of any book about Atlantis, it is fascinating to read where it all began, which many believe is Critias by Plato. Critias is his unfinished account of a war that took place between Atlantis and Athens. The events supposedly took place in 9000 BC and Plato included detailed descriptions of both Atlantis and primordial Athens in his book. The mighty island kingdom of Atlantis became corrupt according to Plato when human nature began to get the upper hand. Critias was preceded by Timaeus and was supposed to be followed by Hermocrates, but Plato appeared to have left it unfinished for unknown reasons.


by David Gibbins


Atlantis by David Gibbins is the first novel in his Jack Howard series. Jack is a brave, but cautious marine archaeologist who embarks on a quest to find Atlantis after the discovery of an ancient papyrus with details about the lost city. After assembling a team and heading to the Aegean Sea the group becomes caught up in a multi-country fight over a missing Soviet nuclear submarine. The author is an underwater archaeologist himself, which adds a lot of authenticity to many of the scenes described in the book. Fans of Indiana Jones will love the mixture of action along with some good, old fashioned archaeological puzzle-solving from the protagonist. The story is also relatively grounded compared to some of the other books about Atlantis.


by Pierre Benoit


Atlantida is the second novel by the French author Pierre Benoit and was first published in 1919 before getting an English translation a year later. The novel served as the inspiration for several films since it's release and there is some speculation that Benoit drew inspiration for the antagonist from Tin Hinan, the Berber Queen. The novel takes place during 1896 in the French Algerian Sahara where two officers are sent to investigate what happened when their fellow officers mysteriously vanish. Here they fall into the hands of Queen Antinea, a descendant of the rulers of Atlantis, who has sinister plans for all who stray into her domain.


by Vera Nazarian


Qualify by Vera Nazarian is the first book in her series, The Atlantis Grail, and is set in the year 2047. Earth is facing an extinction-level event as a giant asteroid is hurtling towards it. Then, hope arrives in the form of silver ships from the stars crewed by the descendants of ancient Atlantis. They offer to save humanity by taking them back to the colony planet of Atlantis, but unfortunately, not everyone qualifies. However, if you qualify there is also the option to take part in the Atlantis Grail, which is brutal games that bestows the winner with full Atlantis Citizenship. This makes it a very lucrative option for teens such as Gwenevere Lark, as it will allow her to save her entire family and maybe even get her mother's cancer cured if she can make it to the Top Ten.

Song of Atlantis

by Brian Power


Song of Atlantis by Brian Power is a compelling novel that combines elements of fantasy, science fiction, and even some historical fiction. It features three different timelines that are set in the past as well as present-day America. The first storyline is about a master architect from Atlantis who discovers a way to generate infinite clean energy by harnessing the earth's forces. A Native American anthropologist from the present day discovers the Atlantean secret of perpetual energy and along with his team attempts to recreate the energy source. Success will mean changing the world forever, but when a wealthy group with deep ties to carbon-based fuel producers discovers what is happening they will stop at nothing to destroy this newfound energy source.

City Beneath the Sea

by Rick Jones


City Beneath the Sea is set in 2014 where a city that has been hidden beneath the sea for centuries is uncovered during an earthquake off the Florida Straits. It is presumed to be the fabled city of Atlantis, but archaeologists and symbologists John Savage and Alyssa Moore are called in to examine the archaic texts that were unearthed. These characters will be familiar to fans of Rick Jones as they also appeared in The Eden Trilogy by him. John and Alyssa are aided by a commando unit as they brave the pitfalls that were created to safeguard a fabled relic. However, when they eventually get their hands on this relic they discover that it might not be the source of great power and knowledge that everyone thought it would be.

Shadows of Atlantis

by Mara Powers


Shadows of Atlantis is a fantasy take on the myths of Atlantis that features a woman named Brigitte who is an emissary of nature. Brigitte was chosen to renew the treaty between Atlantis and the ancient bloodline of Lemuria, but things go awry when her people are attacked by a storm of shadows. After fleeing she becomes involved with a dejected musician named D'Vinid and discovers that the crystal grid powering the ten kingdoms of Atlantis has been corrupted. However, this has also had the side effect of causing a genetic upgrade among the people and the youth, in particular, has begun to express supernatural powers. This leads Brigitte to question whether her true destiny is to be with D'Vinid as a leader among the awakened.

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