Books Like Shadow Over Innsmouth

Books Like Shadow Over Innsmouth

H.P. Lovecraft died in poverty at the age of 46 but has since gained the recognition that eluded him during his lifetime. It's hard to believe that the author who created the Cthulhu Mythos wasn't able to make a living from his writing as his work has since gone on to inspire and influence some of the biggest names in horror. His impact on the genre is so great that Lovecraftian horror has become a sub-genre of its own. Most of his work was in the form of short stories, but he also wrote a few novellas such as The Shadow over Innsmouth. The story features a student who travels through the seaport of Innsmouth where he discovers all is not as it seems. Fortunately for fans of Lovecraft, there is no shortage of other novels featuring similar themes, so check out the following books like Shadow Over Innsmouth.

The Place Called Dagon

by Herbert Gorman

The Place Called Dagon by Herbert Gorman

The Place Called Dagon was published by Herbert Gorman in 1927 and undeniably influenced Lovecraft, especially Shadow Over Innsmouth. It is the tale of Daniel Dreeme, a man attempting to pursue his medical practice in the small farming community of Marlborough. Daniel soon uncovers disturbing elements and begins to fear that ancient and evil secrets lurk beneath the surface of the town.

The Wells of Hell

by Graham Masterton

The Wells of Hell by Graham Masterton

Graham Masterton is a British horror author who has written a number of stories based on the work of Lovecraft. One of these is The Wells of Hell, published in 1981 and loosely based on The Colour of Space, a short story by Lovecraft. It is set in the peaceful old town of New Milford, Connecticut, where the well water turns a sickly yellow color overnight. Soon after a local boy is murdered and his parents vanish while rumors begin to circulate about crab-creatures that lurk in the darkness. In true Lovecraft fashion, the town is besieged by an ancient evil that swells their own ranks with the victims they claim in town.


by William Schoell

Saurian by William Schoell

Saurian is a 1988 novel by American author William Schoell. The story is about Tom Bartlett, the sole survivor of a town that was decimated by an unknown force of nature. In addition to destroying houses and killing everyone in sight, there were also hundreds missing in the aftermath. Years later Tom begins to suffer blinding visions of the huge creature that destroyed his boyhood home. As terrified as he is of returning to the ruins Tom somehow knows that he might be the only one that could stop the creature before it strikes again. Unfortunately, the beast has also been searching for Tom.

 The Bog

by Michael Talbot

The Bog by Michael Talbot

The Bog is a 1986 novel by Michael Talbot, an American author who died at an even younger age as Lovecraft. It was one of only three novels he wrote and tells the story of Hovern Bog, which is a place that holds terror for everyone living near it. In fact, the villages of Frenchurch St. Judge, believe it to be a living being with tentacles that can reach out to snatch its prey. An archaeologist named David Macauley believes that he has made the discovery of a lifetime when perfectly preserved bodies from 2000 years ago are recovered from the bog. Unfortunately, the corpses all reveal very curious details about their deaths when examined up close and what David discovers places him and his family along with everyone else in town in danger.


by Dean Koontz

Phantoms by Dean Koontz

Phantoms is a 1983 novel by American author Dean Koontz. The book pays homage to the works of Lovecraft with numerous references to his work, especially one of the deities from his mythos named Nyarlathotep. The story follows two sisters, Jenny and Lisa Paige, who return to Snowfield, California. It's a small ski resort in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains, but upon their arrival, they found that nobody in town is alive. All they can find are mutilated bodies, which prompts them to turn to the police from a neighboring town for help. Along with the police the girls begin to piece together what happened in town and what was responsible for the chaos.

Cat's Cradle

by William W. Johnstone

Cat's Cradle by William W. Johnstone

Cat's Cradle is a novel by William Wallace Johnstone who has been credited on over 480 books, many of which were only published after he passed away in 2004. Cat's Cradle is set in the normally placid Ruger County where horrifying accidents begin to happen. Some type of beast is stalking the population and appears to be responsible for the bizarre killings that are baffling the population. Mysteriously, everything began after the arrival of a young girl who somehow survived on Eden Mountain.

The Moorstone Sickness

by Bernard Taylor

The Moorstone Sickness by Bernard Taylor

The Moorstone Sickness is a 1981 novel by British author Bernard Taylor. The protagonists, Hal and Rowan Graham move to the rustic village of Moorstone after the death of their infant son. It seems like the perfect place to get away from the chaos of London, but in true Lovecraft tradition, the seemingly idyllic village is rife with secrets. Not only is Moorstone home to a large insane asylum, but the residents are all strangely preoccupied with the health of the newcomers in their mids. The Moorstone Sickness is a tale of ancient mysteries reborn and dark secrets tucked away in a quaint village.

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