Books Like The Art of Inheriting Secrets

Books Like The Art of Inheriting Secrets

The Art of Inheriting Secrets by Barbara O'Neal is a bestselling novel about a woman named Olivia Shaw. After her mother passes away, Olivia discovers that she has not only inherited a centuries-old English estate from her, but also a title to go with it. Olivia is a sophisticated food editor with her own life and problems back home, but she can't help herself being drawn into her mother's past. All she knows is that her mother clearly kept a lot of secrets from her, and she's determined to discover what they were. Fortunately for fans of the book, there have been many other books that follow similar themes. So, if you are in the mood for stories that involve people who inherit properties along with the secrets that they hold, then you are in luck. Simply check out the following books like The Art of Inheriting Secrets.

The Bookshop of Yesterdays

by Amy Meyerson

The Bookshop of Yesterdays by Amy Meyerson

The Bookshop of Yesterdays by Amy Meyerson is the story of Miranda Brooks. As a child, Miranda spent hours at the bookstore of her eccentric Uncle Billy while taking part in his inventive scavenger hunts. Unfortunately for Miranda, this all changes on her twelfth birthday when her mother and uncle have a mysterious falling-out and break contact. It isn't until sixteen years later that Miranda hears that her uncle has died and that she is inheriting his bookstore. Although the store is on the verge of bankruptcy, Miranda is determined to save it and solve the riddle her uncle has left behind as well. It is by following her uncle's clues that Miranda begins to uncover the secrets that her mother kept hidden, and the one that tore her family apart.

Winter Cottage

by Mary Ellen Taylor

Winter Cottage by Mary Ellen Taylor

In Winter Cottage by Mary Ellen Taylor, it is a woman named Lucy Kincaid who leaves behind Nashville and heads for the two of Cape Hudson, Virginia. Lucy is still reeling from the death of her mother, Beth, who died of brain cancer. Just before she passed away, Beth told Lucy that she recently inherited some property in Virginia, which would become Lucy's. Lucy is surprised by this revelation as she never knew about the existence of the property or the woman who owned it. Even more shocking is that instead of a quaint bungalow like Lucy Expected, the place is a grand old estate called Winter Cottage. Lucy is immediately intrigued by the place as well as the secrets that it holds. As she sifts through the past, Lucy is eager to discover more about her family history while also hoping that it reveals more information about her own past, such as the identity of her birth father.

I'll Never Tell

by Catherine McKenzie

I'll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie

Every family has their secrets, but some are much darker than others as can be seen in I'll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie. In this tale, the MacAllister siblings get together to read the will of their recently deceased parents. All of them are set to inherit the Camp Macaw, the MacAllister family's camp. It is located on prime real estate, which could mean a lot of money if they decide to sell. However, there are a few catches. For one, none of the siblings can seem to agree on what to do with the property, and the will also have a rather peculiar stipulation. Before the siblings can settle the estate, the will requires them to unravel a twenty-year-old murder mystery. It involves the death of Amanda Holmes, who was found bludgeoned in a rowboat at the camp, but nobody was ever arrested for the crime. Evidently, everyone involved with the will could have been the culprit, and each one is holding a piece of the puzzle.

The Forgotten Secret

by Kathleen McGurl

The Forgotten Secret by Kathleen McGurl

In The Forgotten Secret by Kathleen McGurl it is a dilapidated old farmhouse that serves as the catalyst for uncovering secrets of the past. Clare Farrell is the woman who inherits the property in County Meath from her deceased uncle and sees it as the perfect opportunity to escape from her unhappy marriage. Clare is eager to strike out on her own for the first time and hopefully, also discover some clues about her family in the process. While Clare is fixing up the farmhouse, she discovers that it holds a lot of secrets of its own, including a hidden cache of weapons and some other puzzling items. Along with the story that is set in the present, The Forgotten Secret also explores what happened a hundred years ago with a young woman called Ellen O'Brien. Surprisingly, Clare and Ellen had a lot in common despite living in different time periods.

The Waratah Inn

by Lilly Mirren

The Waratah Inn by Lilly Mirren

Kate Summer is the protagonist of The Waratah Inn by Lilly Mirren. After the death of her grandmother, Kate inherits the run-down Waratah Inn situated in the sleepy hamlet of Cabarita Beach. Although Kate only intended to attend the funeral and then sell the dilapidated inn, she discovers that things are not going to be that simple. Apparently, her grandmother stipulated that all three of her granddaughters would inherit the inn together. In order to sell the inn, Kate and her two estranged sisters would need to agree on the sale. Kate would much rather return to her busy, professional life in the city, but instead ends up staying to renovate the old building. It is then that she discovers a clue to a mystery from the past while sorting through her grandmother's things. Together, the three sisters find that their beloved grandmother had a secret former life that they knew nothing about.

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