Books Like The Imperfect Psychic

Books Like The Imperfect Psychic

Although psychic abilities are commonly dismissed as pseudoscience with no proof of existence, there has been no shortage of people claiming to possess these gifts. From communication with spirits to predicting the future, the powers attributed to psychics date back to ancient times. Of course, these extraordinary powers also make for exciting stories, which is why psychics often play a central role in cozy mystery novels. For example, in The Imperfect Psychic by Ashley King, a psychic named Charlotte Vale decides to follow her forever dream of running a bed and breakfast. Things go well until a shocking murder puts Charlotte right in the middle of the crime. To keep her bed and breakfast, her clients, and her future, Charlotte must use her often inaccurate psychic gifts to try and solve the case. 

Murder by the Brush

By S. E. Babin


Murder By The Brush

Murder by the Brush is the first book in the A Psychic Cleaner Cozy Mystery series by S.E. Babin. The protagonist, Kate, is broke, on the run, and recently dumped when she arrives in Hallow Hills, Tennessee. However, the town is one of the most haunted in the state, so she quickly sets up shop with her psychic cleaning services. Unfortunately, due to a ghost who refuses to go, Kate also finds herself pulled into a twisted murder mystery.  

Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye

By Victoria Laurie


Alex Cooper

Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye is the first installment of Victoria Laurie's Psychic Eye Mystery series. Abby is a psychic intuitive who fails to predict the death of one of her clients or that the gorgeous blind date she recently met will be the lead investigator on the case. These events leave Abby having to deal with a killer on the loose and the police, who are suspicious of her abilities. 

Beach Blanket Homicide

By Maggie March


Beach Blanket Homicide

Lucy McGuffin is the star of Beach Blanket Homicide by Maggie March. While Lucy makes the best muffins in Whispering Bay, she is also a psychic, which comes in handy when she stumbles upon a dead body, and her brother becomes the prime suspect. Unfortunately, the new hot-shot deputy, Travis Fontaine, isn't too keen on an amateur like Lucy getting involved, but she is determined to use her psychic skills to clear her brother's name. 

A Deadly Delivery

By April Fernsby

Deadly Delivery

A Deadly Delivery by April Fernsby introduces readers to Karis Booth, who has had psychic abilities for as long as she can remember. In the middle of filing for divorce from her unfaithful husband, Karis decides it's also time to make peace with her estranged sister, Erin. However, while talking to her sister, she experiences a psychic vision about the murder of a woman named Carmel. Karis quickly enlists the help of her sister and an old neighbor to try and figure out the identity of the murderer. Things get a little complicated when Karis's ex-boyfriend, who broke up with her due to her psychic abilities, turns out to be the investigating officer for the murder case. 

Death At First Sight

By Lena Gregory



Death at First Sight is the first novel in the Bay Island Psychic Mysteries series by Lena Gregory. The protagonist, Cass Donovan, left her psychiatric practice in New York City and opened a psychic shop in her hometown of Bay Island. Things go well until Cass gives a reading to Ellie Callahan, whose mother, Marge, publicly humiliates her about it later. Things go from bad to worse when Cass later stumbles across Marge's body and becomes a suspect in her murder. Despite this, Cass is determined to find the real killer and save Ellie from the fate she has seen in her vision. 

A Vision a Day Keeps the Killer Away

By Kelly Hashway

A Vision a Day

A Vision a Day Keeps the Killer Away by Kelly Hashway is the story of Piper Ashewll, a psychic who is no stranger to using her abilities to locate missing persons. Her father, Detective Thomas Ashwell, and his new partner enlist Piper's aid in searching for Veronica Castell, the missing daughter of one of the country's wealthiest businessmen. Unfortunately, Piper realizes that Veronica is running out of time and that her kidnapper intends to dispose of her after collecting the ransom. 

Finding Peace of Mind

By Miranda Rose Barker


Finding Peace of Mind

Finding Peace of Mind by Miranda Rose Barker is the first novel in The Tansy & Hank Pet Psychic Cozy Mystery Series. Tansy Silver is an art student who is left with a constant buzzing in her head after being involved in a car accident. While visiting her eccentric Aunt Vivian, Tansy discovers that she has a psychic animal communicator ability with her aunt's French bulldog, Hank. Tansy soon feels more at home in the small Appalachian town of Pine Ridge, where her aunt lives, but when a six-year-old boy becomes lost, she has an opportunity to put her newfound abilities to the test. 

Petal to the Metal

By Annabel Chase


Petal to the Metal

Mia Thorne is the forty-two-year-old protagonist of Petal to the Metal by Annabel Chase. Mia trades New York City for a sleep river town in Pennsylvania after a disastrous career and relationship-ending event. Here, Mia moves into the old cottage of her deceased aunt, Hazel, who was a reclusive self-proclaimed psychic. However, when she stumbles across a body in the decrepit gardens surrounding the cottage, Mia becomes the number one suspect in the case. To save herself, Mia will have to tap into her long-buried psychic skills.  

Mediums & Murder

By Elle Wren Burke


Mediums & Murder

Mediums & Murder is the first novel in Elle Wren Burke's Prickly Pear Psychic Mysteries series. It is set in a cozy Arizona town where Alara has been doing her best to hide her psychic powers. Unfortunately, she has a vision of her friend's final moments before she's murdered, but she doesn't know what to do with this knowledge. Fortunately, her long-lost Aunt Irene shows up, informs Alara that they both come from a long line of psychic talent, and teams up with her to help solve the case.