Books Like The Vine Witch

Books Like The Vine Witch

Traditionally, witches have had a pretty raw deal with it comes to literature as more often than not, they are portrayed as the cackling villains of the tale. However, in recent years, there has been a shift towards more sympathetic portrayels of these women. The Vine Witch is a recent example of a book featuring a witch protagonist that captured the attention of readers to become a bestseller. It's the story of a young witch who ends up as a frog after being cursed. It takes her several years to break the spell and return to her former life, albeit with weakened magic. This forces her to hide her true identity as she tries to save the vineyard that was supposed to be her inheritance, but now belongs to someone else. The Vine Witch quickly became a best seller after its release, and showed that readers were hungry for more tales about witches. If you are one of these readers, then check out the following books like The Wine Witch.

The King of Bones and Ashes

by J. D. Horn

The King of Bones and Ashes by J. D. Horn

The protagonist of this tale is a young witch, named Alice Marin. Like Elena from The Vine Witch, Alice was once trapped too, although it was her own blood relatives who caged her in an asylum. After being freed from the asylum, Alice discovers that magic is seeping out of the world, which is obviously a big concern for all the witches who have been relying on it for centuries. Although some witches are at peace with this event, others would stop at nothing to retain their power. However, Alice has other concerns as she investigates the growing number of mysterious disappearances that have begun to plague the occult circles of New Orleans. What Alice doesn't realize is that there is more to her family's troubled history and that her actions could have far-reaching consequences for all witches.

Serpent & Dove

by Shelby Mahurin

Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Louise le Blanc is the protagonist of Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin. However, Louise has fled her coven and made the city of Cesarine her new home. Because witches like Lou are hunted and burned in the city, Louise forsakes all magic and tries to make a living by stealing. Then one day Louise crosses paths with a witch hunter named Reid who is determined to eradicate any and all witches in the world. Fate has something very different in store for those two characters when an unexpected turn of events results in them being forced to get married.

Haunting Charlie

by Wendy Wang

Haunting Charlie by Wendy Wang

The protagonist of Haunting Charlie is a woman named Charlie Payne who wants nothing more than to have a normal life and be a good mother. Unfortunately for Charlie, "normal" is not something that is possible when you come from a long line of witches. To make matters worse for Charlie, she also has the ability to see the dead, which is one of the reasons that she is divorced. Although Charlie isn't very keen on calling herself a witch, she is close to her cousins who have all embraced this heritage. It is also one of her cousins, Daphne, who calls for a family meeting to try and talk Charlie into using her powers to help a customer of hers called Susan. When Charlie agrees she finds that Suan is desperate for help because the beautiful old southern mansion that she inherited is filled with ghosts.

The Witches of BlackBrook

by Tish Thawer

The Witches of BlackBrook by Tish Thawer

The 17th century was not a good time to be a witch as three sisters discover during the Salem witch trials. After a false accusation, the three sisters are sentenced to be burned at the stake as witches. However, their lives are saved when the eldest, Trin, casts a spell that sends the souls of the three sisters forward through time. This causes them to be reborn in different bodies every time, but although two of the sisters manage to reunite, they are unable to find the third one. It would seem that something is actively blocking them from, discovering where she is. The sisters are even more startled to find out that they might not have been the only ones affected by the spell that saved their lives.

The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs

by Katherine Howe

The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs by Katherine Howe

Connie Goodwin is the protagonist of The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs by Katherine Howe. Connie is a young, tenure-track professor who has built her success by studying the history of magic in colonial America. However, her interest in America's past with witchcraft is more than just purely academical as Connie is actually a direct descendant of a woman who was tried as a witch in Salem. Connie has another secret; the magical abilities of her ancestor were far more exceptional than indicated by the historical records. Through her research, Connie also learns about a hundreds'-years-long deadly curse and that she might be the only one that can save the life of her partner.

The Witch's Daughter

by Paula Brackston

The Witch's Daughter by Paula Brackston

The Witch's Daughter by Paula Brackston is the story of Elizabeth Anne Hawksmith. Elizabeth learned witchcraft from the Warlock Gideon Masters after a panicked mob hanged her mother for being a witch. Elizabeth knew that a similar fate was in store for unless she learned the craft, and Gideon was the only one who could instruct her. Elizabeth is surprised to discover that she has formidable powers, and thanks to the tutoring from Gideon, she also becomes an immortal. What Elizabeth couldn't have foreseen as that centuries later, when she is three hundred and eighty-four years old, Gideon would be hunting her. It seems that he is determined to claim payment for saving her life all those years back. Until now Elizabeth had been living a quiet life, but this all changes when she takes a young teenage girl under her wing and begins teaching her.

Lilly Mirren - A Heartwarming Family Story About Three Sisters
FEATURED AUTHOR - Lilly Mirren is a USA Today and internationally bestselling author. Before publishing her debut novel The Waratah Inn in August 2019, Mirren founded her own imprint, Black Lab Press. Mirren lives in Brisbane with her husband and three kids. With a background in Information Management, she loves every part of the publishing journey. As our Author of the Day, Mirren tells us all about her book, The Waratah Inn.