Books Like Wild Cards (Part Two)

Books Like Wild Cards (Part Two)

In our previous article, we took a look at some of the weird and wonderful books featuring superheroes, supervillains and everything in between. The books are all great for fans of superheroes but want to read about something a little more unique than the usual ones found in Marvel and DC comic books. Also, these books should all appeal to the Wild Cards series, which is edited by George R. R. Martin and soon heading to the small screen. In this article, we will take a closer look at some more books that are a little larger than life with protagonists and antagonists wielding special powers or performing incredible feats.

Super Powereds: Year 1

by Drew Hayes

Super Powereds: Year 1 by Drew Hayes

Super Powereds by Drew Hayes is set in a world where some people not only have superhuman capabilities but can attend a place called Lander University to complete a Hero Certification Program. This program is designed to help them hone their skills and become official heroes. However, while superheroes are treated like rock stars in this world some are unable to control their abilities. Known as "Powereds", these lesser super beings end up treated like second class citizens and are considered a burden. Super Powereds is the story of about five freshmen who enroll at Lander with a secret, they are all Powereds.

Superheroes Anonymous

by Lexie Dunne

Superheroes Anonymous by Lexie Dunne

Superheroes Anonymous is the tale of Gail Godwin, an editorial assistant who finds herself attacked by a supervillain and subsequently saved by a superhero named Blaze. Unfortunately for Gail, this is not just an isolated incident as it keeps happening over and over to the point where everyone just calls her Hostage Girl. The media also strongly suspects that Gail's boyfriend, Jeremy, is actually Blaze, although Gail herself is not so sure. Then, just as it looks like the villains have lost interest in her and she can get her life back on track Gail finds herself kidnapped once again by a mad scientist. Although she manages to escape Gail discovers that she is not just an ordinary human anymore. This has its pros and cons, which Gail will have to figure out as there is a new villain in town who has her eyes on Hostage Girl.

The Violent Century

by Lavie Tidhar

The Violent Century by Lavie Tidhar

Just like the Wild Cards series, The Violent Century is set in a world where different nations are not afraid to use their gifted citizens for nefarious purposes. However, unlike Wild Cards, the mutations in The Violent Century were caused by World War II experiments instead of an alien virus. This causes a race between the different countries to recruit their own superheroes that they can use against each other during the war. Another element that fans of Wild Cards will enjoy is that even though many of the characters in this book have superpowers, they are still flawed and filled with doubts and fears. It also results in a story that is a lot more somber and less focused on over the top action than typical superhero stories.

The Case of the Claw

by Keith R. A. DeCandido

The Case of the Claw by Keith R. A. DeCandido

The Wild Cards books are not just about the heroes and villains, but also the people lucky enough to escape the virus completely or unlucky enough to end up with useless powers or worse. Fans who enjoy that aspect of the series will also enjoy The Case of the Claw, which is set in a metropolis called Super City. The city is home to dozens of costumed heroes, but instead of focusing on them, the real focus is on the members of the police department who have to clean up after them. Whether it is having to clean up the collateral damage or trying to figure out what to do with villains who have been brought in without enough evidence, there is never a dull moment for the police in Super City. As if this wasn't enough there is a mutated spree killer known as the Claw who has returned to town and the superheroes aren't exactly going out of their way to stop him.


by Brandon Sanderson

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

In Wild Cards, when the virus mutated everyone on the planet many people used their newfound powers for evil, but also enough who became heroes to oppose them. However in Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson when ordinary men and women are given extraordinary power they all develop the desire to rule mankind. Ordinary people refer to them as Epics and instead of using their powers to help mankind they instead became villains who take over the world. There is nobody to oppose them, except for a shadowy group of ordinary humans called the Reckoners. The people dedicated their lives to studying Epics to find their weaknesses and then assassinate them. However, there is one Epic who is said to be invincible, but this doesn't deter a man named David from seeking revenge against him for killing his father.

So Not A Hero

by S. J. Delos

So Not A Hero by S. J. Delos

The star of So Not A Hero by S. J. Delos is Karen Hashimoto who was once the supervillain known as Crushette. However, after her crimes caught up with her Karen ends up in Federal prison for two years. After getting out on parole Karen is ready to put her past behind her, but in a strange twist of events ends up as a member of a group of superheroes known as The Good Guys. This new role of superhero does not come easy to Karen, especially as she has plenty of skeletons in her supervillain closet, such as being the ex-girlfriend of the notorious Doctor Maniac. Still, Karen is determined to become a champion for Truth and Justice and live up to the expectations of her fellow superheroes.