Books of the Month April 2023

Books of the Month April 2023

As April rolled around it would have been foolish to not try out some of the many great books that are available. Fortunately, that is exactly what our readers did when they selected the following titles as some of their favorite books of the month for April 2023. 


Best Romance

Sanctuary Island

By C. F. Francis

The Sanctuary Island by C. F. Francis

Sanctuary Island is the first book in the James Gang series by C. F. Francis. This romantic suspense novel stars Catherine Storm, a woman who seeks the tranquility and solitude of Sanibel Island while trying to deal with decisions regarding her career and future. There she meets Colton James, an ex-army sniper who traded his rifle for a camera in an effort to block out the haunting images of his past. However, when James discovers that Catherine has unwittingly become the target of a killer he steps up to try and help discover who it is that wants her dead before the sniper can find his mark. 


Best Action & Adventure

The Ransom Drop

By Rob Phayre

The Ransom Drop by Rob Phavre

The Ransom Drop is the first title in the Response Files series by Rob Phayre. The author started his career as a military helicopter pilot before becoming a security and crisis manager, which makes the book factually correct as well as intense. The story follows the events that take place when a ship called The Hibernia II is captured by Somali Pirates with a crew of 23 on board along with a hundred million dollars of oil. While Abdi and his team of novices try to negotiate the deal of their lives, Max and his team must figure out how to rescue the ship and its crew. 


Best Mystery & Thriller


By Dharma Kelleher

Chaser by Dharma Kelleher

Chaser is the first title in the Jnix Ballou Bounty Hunter Series by Dharma Kelleher. Jinx is a fiercely determined bounty hunter who is tasked with finding a missing teenager. The girl is charged with murder, but as Jinx delves deeper into the case she discovers a horrifying secret that could endanger both herself and the young fugitive. This leaves her in a race against time to bring the girl to justice while also saving her own career. 


Best Children’s Book

The Unusual Penguin

By Madeleine MacRae

The Unusual Penguin by Madeleine MacRae

The Unusual Penguin by Madeleine MacRae is a story that teaches children about the loneliness of being different and not being able to fit in with everyone else. The tale, which is beautifully illustrated by Anna Fernandez and told in rhyme by Madeleine MacRea, follows the journey of the unusual penguin who struggles to do things that seem to come naturally to other penguins. Children and the parents who care for them will empathize with the unnatural penguin and appreciate the heartwarming lesson that is at the core of the story. 


Best Young Adult

The Boy Who Could See Secrets

By Andi Cumbo-Floyd

The Boy Who Could See Secrets by Andi Cumbo-Floyd

The Boy Who Could See Secrets is the first book in the Magic People series by Andi Cumbo-Floyd. The story follows 12-year-old Jedidiah Wilson and his imaginary friend Mavis as they go on an adventure through time and space. They encounter a village of people with special powers and set out to save the children from this village from a man who wants to control them. Jed’s special ability to see secrets comes in handy as he helps the villagers set their plan for freedom in motion. 


Best Fantasy

Sword and Mirror

By Kate Grover

Sword and Mirror by Kate Grover

Sword and Mirror is the first book in the Yokai Treasures series by Kate Grover. Ciara finds herself dragged back in time after becoming the victim of mistaken identity and ends up in the clutches of a maniacal samurai. She ends up risking her own life to escape with a little girl that the samurai kidnapped to provoke his rival. Her actions earn her the gratitude of Katsuo, the enemy warlord, but also come at a price. To ensure her safety while looking for a way home Ciara must feign betrothal to the season warlord. However, Katsuo has a dark secret of his own that could spell danger for him and Ciara. 


Best Historical Fiction

Siblings of War

By Chanochi Zaks

Siblings of War by Chanochi Zaks

Siblings of War by Chanochi Zaks is a captivating survival WW2 novel based on a true story. It opens in September of 1939 as the Zaks family attempt to flee their quiet hometown in southern Poland as German forces invade. Unfortunately, the family is captured and has to survive under some of the worst conditions imaginable. However, the six Zaks children hold on to their father’s last commandment to never break the family apart and to never, ever leave any of their siblings behind.


Best Horror

Blood Grove

By Morgan Quaid

Blood Grove by Morgan Quaid

Blood Grove is the third book in The Seven Hungers series by Morgan Quaid. It continues the adventures of Crown sorcerer Ambrose Drake who this time is sent to negotiate terms with an enigmatic figure that emerged into the Hallowed World. The figure promises a gift of unfathomable worth to the people of Earth, but Drake and his companions quickly find themselves drawn into a warped reality from which there seems to be no escape. In addition, Drake must also fight a battle with the demonic sovereign housed in his mind, as the outcome could determine the fate of the Hallowed World. 


Best Literary Fiction

Lifetimes & Life’s Lines

By Kevin Heaton

Lifetimes & Life's Lines by Kevin Heaton

Lifetimes & Life’s Lines is a collection of poetry by Kevin Heaton featuring poems about people, places, and the great out-of-doors. Kevin is not just an author, but also a retired park ranger, which shines through in his observations of nature. His writing style draws readers into the poems with ease but also leaves them with plenty to reflect on afterward. 


Best Science Fiction

Remote Viewing Session X719

By Dane Sullivan

Remote Viewing Session X719 by Dane Sullivan

Remote Viewing Session X719 is a collection of short stories by Dane Sullivan with a science fiction slant. The stories are all set in a future where humanity has reached distant stars but has not managed to outrun the demons of their past. The stories cover scenarios such as covert wars, alien invasions, massive corporations managed mostly by AI, and other dark glimpses of possible futures. Remote Viewing Session X719 features a total of 34 entertaining and thought-provoking stories. 


Best Paranormal

Bound to the Queen

By Traci Lovelot

Bound to the Queen by Traci Lovelot

Bound to the Queen is the third book in Our Fae Queen series by Traci Lovelot. After discovering that she is not human in the first book and her adventures in the second, Glori has an important choice to make in this third installment. She can either step into her role of queen or step down and lead a quiet simple life while someone else takes on the mantle of responsibility. Each decision comes with its own sacrifices and Glori has to make her decision soon.


Best Non-Fiction

Foods That Made History

By Rafael Agam

Foods That Made History by Rafael Agam

Foods That Made History by Rafael Agam features the real stories as well as popular myths behind some of the most famous dishes in the culinary world. The author is a Paris-trained chef with over three decades of culinary expertise who was left pondering the nature of some of the famous dishes he prepared. Since most of his questions were left largely unanswered he took it upon himself to pen the history surrounding fine dinings most famous cuisines. The result is fascinating stories that cover everything from a poisonous soup that saved the life of its inventor to a certain dough-based dish that caught the eye of an Italian queen.